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10 Crucial Tactics for Social Media Marketing

Today we are going to discus about social media marketing, The internet has taken over a large part of the marketing cake and it happen overnight. Many of the businessmen (especially small business owners) did not consider it such a big deal until it hit them. It is similar with one important branch of online marketing – social media marketing, where marketers enter the playing field uninformed and unprepared, thinking that social media are easy to tame. Underestimating platforms where there are millions of potential paying customers is simply amateurish. So, if you want to enter this arena (and come out as a winner) you will have to know and use the following tactics.

Quality Content

This is your number one guideline for successful and fruitful social media marketing strategy. The users of these platforms will not tolerate boring and low-grade content, when it is so easy to click unfollow or unlike. Do not allow for your posts to be simple commercials, but try to answer users’ problems and questions, and minimize the presence of ads in such texts. One quality post however is not enough, you must generate a constant stream of high-grade content.

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Have a Tactic for Each Platform

One of the common rookie mistakes is treating all the platforms the same. You cannot simply copy the content you are posting on Facebook and paste it on Instagram. Each platform has its own rules of play and if you follow them, you will earn the trust and the attention of its users.


The best thing about social media is that they are removing the wall between the company and its customers, allowing them to build a relationship that can last a lifetime. Make sure you are constantly reacting to users’ feedback and helping your customers with any kind of issues with your product, service, etc. Use personal and appealing language, because this environment allows and demands that.

Organize Contests

No matter if you are a full-time marketer for your firm or social media marketing is just your side gig, if you want to succeed you have to engage users into promote your products for you. You will achieve that by organizing contests where you will ask from the participants to share an image of your brand, and in return they will get some free stuff.


Engage People with Images

People are visual learners, and they memorize more and feel more intense when observing a picture than when reading a text. Just avoid using images that are mere space-fillers and opt for relevant images, because, when text is complemented with relevant and quality pictures it gets more than 90 percent more views than the one without.

Humanize Your Brand

If you want to establish a firm and long term relationship with your followers you will have to present your company as a set of different individuals, rather than a single unnatural organism working on the fuel of your investments. To prove them that you are all human posts pictures of your employees, or if you are a one-man show, your own and write about why you love your job, the product you are marketing, etc.

Tell Stories

Telling stories sells products – it is a secret as old as marketing itself. Earn the trust of new users by sharing old users’ stories about your product. You do realize how efficient are those “I-lost-weight with X product” ads on TV? Just translate them into online environment.

Ask and Answer

Ask your users for their opinions by posting polls or questions, but also allow them to ask you something. Hold an Ask Me Anything on Reddit or use n #Ask___ hashtag for questions on Twitter. Be aware that these questions should be answered by a presentable face of your company (founder, CEO, etc.) in short period.

Dive into the Influencers’ Pool

Every niche has its own recognizable experts – gatekeepers, such as academics, journalists, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders, who have loyal connections and a trustworthy image. Engage them to review and comment your product or share your page to gain credibility among the crowd that respects them.

Inspire Actions

Having a lot of fans and followers that do not act is the same as having 1000 miners without any tools to dig up the gold. Raise awareness about your product with calls to action, which basically means calling the followers to share your content, subscribe to your newsletter or get other people to “like” your page.

Sometimes it is impossible to make everything work for you, and you cannot always have brilliant results on each platform. The mere presence is never enough, so do not accept average but strive for extraordinary. If there is one social media platform that is best for you direct even more efforts towards it.

10 Crucial Tactics for Social Media Marketing was last modified: April 22nd, 2016 by Vickery Nate
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