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Ads By Traffic Junky Review & Create Free Publisher Account

Hi buddies, Today we are going to discuss one of the best ad network for both publisher and advertisers called traffic junky ads network. The trafficjunky is one of popular ad serving advertisement network. Many times you might be heard that some bloggers use ads by traffic junky network, So what is the advantages and why we use to this network.

As we all know google Adsense is really play most important role in most of the blogger journey. There are lots of bloggers those are really earned some decent amount from google Adsense account. But here what I personally suggest is that please don’t keep your all eggs in one basket. Because if you are banned from google Adsense account for any reason whether it’s intentionally or by mistake. You will lose you all income in one second without doing anything wrong. Right?

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traffic junky

So here what I personally suggested to monetize your website with the different type of earning source like.

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About Traffic Junky Ad Network : is innovative advertising company with a versatile platform that offering real-time advertising with immediate result.

Traffic Junky was founded in 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Over the past year, the company has had tremendous growth by helping its advertisers and publishers reach their goals. Since its conception, Traffic Junky has been focused on generating true value for advertisers and publishers alike, keeping in mind that the success of all parties is key to a long-term and sustainable business partnership.

Traffic Junky  advertising platform delivers billions of advertisements every week. Traffic Junky is privately held and continues to achieve rapid growth organically. their team is truly dedicated to providing you with a unique and intelligent approach to online advertising.

This is a world leader in online advertising in the adult market. “Accelerate your traffic” with

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Traffic Junky Network Details :

Commission Type: CPC,CPM,Adult,Mobile
Payment Method: Paypal,Check
Country: CA

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Register For Traffic Junky Publisher Account :

Traffic Junky Publisher Account Registration
So here the first step to earn some extra money online. The traffic junky publisher account is abosulty free and easy to setup.

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Just the click the above button and it will redirect you on registration page for the same. You have to fill your all required information valid and after fill up the form just hit the “Create Account” button.

Note : You can select the account type publisher/Advertiser from member type field.

Trafficjunky MessgaeIf all the input are valid then you will get successful account creation message. After that, you will get account activation email on your register account. Just follow the steps and your account is now activated and ready to use.

Trafficjunky Account Activation

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This page contains a snapshot of key information for your active sites and spots, your account information, and TrafficJunky’s Latest Announcements. To make changes to your Active Spots, navigate to the Sites page by clicking on the Spot name.

Trafficjunky Dashboard

You will manage your all sites and track earning for each of them. But for that you have to add new site first. For that just click on Sites menu in the dashboard. It will redirect to the respective page.

In this step, you have to fill up the required information related to your website.

  • Site Name
  • Site Type
  • Website URL

Traffic Junky New Site

After fill up the valid information just click on the Save and continue button. Now your newly site has been created successfully.

Now you have to verify your website using adding meta tag in your website. You can add suggested meta tag in header part of your website. After that perform the same as mentioned just click on verify button and congratulations now your site is ready for earning.

Traffic Junky Meta Verification

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In this section, you will keep track on all our pending payouts.

Reports :

Access all of your payout reports on one page. Sort by date ranges to view your total payout that fits your business plan.

My Profile Section:

The My Profile page is where you update your basic info, address, contact information and payment options.

Help Center :

The Help Center offers Account Management tips, FAQs, Glossary of Terms. You can also contact our support team by visiting the Contact Us page.

 Rules & Regulations :

Our Publisher site Rules and Regulations are located on this page.

Terms Of Use

Our Publisher Terms of Use are located on this page.

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Benefits of TrafficJunky :



What are the advantages of becoming a TrafficJunky Publisher?

  • TrafficJunky provides easy solutions to help monetize your traffic
  • We offer Competitive payout, maximizing your revenue
  • Allow your sites to get immense exposure to our large pool of quality advertisers
  • TrafficJunky offers tools that supply accurate reporting so you can better follow up on your site’s performance
  • We work directly with you to help you succeed!

Flexible, Fast Payment Solutions : Weekly payouts at the minimum amount you set

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What types of Payment Methods do traffic junky Support ?

The following payment options are currently supported on Traffic Junky :

  • US Wire Transfer
  • International Wire Transfer
  • Chexx Inc.

How do I change my Payout Method?

Payment methods can be changed on the My Profile page.

  • Click on the blue “Payment Option” link
  • Click on the dropdown menu to select a payment method

Get paid every week by your method of choice including Paypal® Paxum®, Payoneer®, Chexx®, and International and US Wire transfer. Control your payment frequency by setting your own minimum payout value.

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Must Read About Other Advertiment Networks :

Please share your experience about traffic junky ad network with us by commenting.

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