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Top Methods to Advertising Your Business

Marketing is a high priority for your business. While you may rely on a lot of “word-of-mouth” advertising initially, putting your best foot forward and shouting from the rooftops about your business is the way to see results. We have curated a list of ways to market your business and get the word out there. This list assumes you have a business logo already in place, as you will need that for everything. So, if you don’t have a logo yet, get one now and then finish taking notes from this article.

Advertising Your Business

Networking is Important

The truest form of getting the word out is to find opportunities to talk about your business with people in your field and potential clientele. Trade shows, conventions, and expos are the best places to meet those people you need to meet. All it takes is a table, custom tablecloths, business cards and other reading materials to spread the word. If your business is one that focuses on services for your local community, sponsor your local sports team! Whether it’s a community sports team or a high school team, showing your support through sponsorship will put your business on the tongues of the parents and coaches. If your town has a minor league sports team, consider promotional materials and advertising at their events. Lots of local businesses look to put banners up in the outfield or sponsor giveaways on certain game nights.

Having an opportunity to talk one-on-one with potential clientele is a wonderful way to make sure you can tell them why your business is so important and answer their questions. In our digital age, it’s still very important to build personal relationships with our clientele so that they feel we can be trusted with their business and want to support our business ventures. Take advantage of the above events so that you can truly build a supportive network and be in touch with your community.

Go Beyond the Business Card

Business cards are still an important staple to your marketing toolkit! However, think beyond just your standard business card and what you can print to spread the word. Flyers and brochures are helpful in conveying your list of services and even act as a price list for your clientele. Special announcements can be made through flyers and brochures as well, going into deeper detail about new services or changes to your business. Also look for unique promotional items as well. Magnets with your contact information are still a popular choice for businesses who want their presence remembered in our kitchens and offices. You can also buy car magnets to advertise your business every time you are out on the road. Service providers find this technique particularly successful. Rewards cards, or punch cards, are a wonderful way to ensure repeat business and are not difficult to create. Don’t forget to offer gift certificates for various holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays! All promotional materials and business cards should feature your logo and branding!

Yes, Your Website is Still Needed

We can’t talk marketing without mentioning your website. It needs to be a clean, smooth, and easy to navigate website sharing information about your business you want your potential clientele to know. Branding is still important so your logo should be all over the website and contact information should be on every page that a person clicks on. One of the most important settings to your website is to be sure that it’s mobile friendly. More smartphones are on the streets which means more people are looking at sites on their mobile phones. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you will lose precious business before you can land it!

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. Remember to engage as much as you can with people on a personal level, have plenty of promotional materials and business cards, and make sure your website is functional for both desktop and mobile phones. All of that hard work will pay off in the long run. 

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