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The Different Types Of Online Affiliate Marketing Programs

Promoting affiliate marketing programs to earn commissions is what affiliate marketing is all about, at least from a basic understanding.

There are many techniques and skills involving finding those profitable affiliate programs and staying away from the low quality ones.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs and affiliate marketing as whole emerged after the rise of the new online advertising model called “Performance Based Marketing”.

Prior to affiliate marketing, advertisers used to depend heavily on newspapers, radio and TV ads to promote their brand and increase their sales.

But such advertising method doesn’t always generate enough sales to compensate for their high costs; and they are certainly out of reach for small businesses.

Performance marketing was created as a way to solve this problem, and it simply means that advertisers can now pay only when they successful receive a sale and not just by running an expensive ad.

That lead many companies to create affiliate programs for their products, their goal is to recruit as many affiliates as they could.

Those affiliate marketers now share the same advertising responsibility as the product owner, to the point that some of these affiliate marketers do spend their own money on advertising.

In this article I want to show you how to find different types of affiliate programs which you as an affiliate can join and make money from.

The Importance of Niche Research in Finding Affiliate Programs

Your choice of the niche can affect everything related your affiliate marketing business, and certainly can decide which affiliate programs you can join.

There are some niches that are known to have high paying affiliate programs; niches like:

  • Travel niche
  • Luxury items niche
  • Physical products niche
  • Insurance

The reason why these niches provide profitable affiliate programs and commissions is because the products themselves are very expensive.

When you are deciding which niche you should target, you need to first get an idea of the average products prices in that niche.

After all your affiliate commission is a percentage of the product’s price.

To find products in your niche, search Google for [NicheKeyword “money back”]:

Affiliate Programs

Now you need to visit a couple of these products sales pages and find out how much they cost.

You can also visit their affiliate pages to get an idea of the affiliate commission percentage being offered.

A link to the affiliate page will usually be in the footer of the product’s homepage:

Fiind affiliate page

It can be called “affiliates, partners or affiliate program”.

This kind of niche research will give you an idea on the average profits you can make from any affiliate program in that niche.

That’s because in any niche all the products tend to have the same price range (so they can compete with each other).

How to Join Any Affiliate Program You Like

Even though affiliate programs exists for every product (the vast majority at least) and they are run by the product owner, in reality they aren’t.

It will be very hard for a company (especially small ones) to run its own affiliate program.

Running an affiliate programs requires:

  • Sending out affiliate payouts in a regular manner (any delay will hurt the reputation of the company)
  • Handling all the technical aspects of affiliate marketing, like generating affiliate links and performance reports for the affiliates

Such high demands and responsibilities fall into the affiliate networks hands.

Affiliate networks are companies that emerged to fill this need of affiliates’ management, and they have the ability to run affiliate programs for thousands of products and companies.

This means that in order to promote any product, you need to find out which affiliate network running its affiliate program.

This information is clearly stated in the affiliate program page (found on the product’s website).

You can then sign up for a free affiliate account on the affiliate network to start generating your affiliate link and promote your product.

Many of these affiliate networks have a marketplace of products and affiliate programs, and you can simply start browsing these marketplaces to find a profitable product to promote.

Here are some well established affiliate networks with marketplaces:

  • ClickBank
  • CommissionJunction
  • ShareASale
  • Plimus

Finding Pay per Sale Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pay per sale affiliate programs are very common, and they reward affiliates after successfully landing a sale.

The minimum affiliate commission you can receive from those kinds of affiliate programs is 4% and can reach up to 75%.

Another benefit of PPS affiliate programs is that you could be paid on a recurring basis; this is the case for products that charge their clients every month (i.e. web hosting services).

To find PPS affiliate programs you can scout affiliate marketplaces on any affiliate network.

Or you could use Google to find niche specific affiliate programs.

Head over to Google and search for [NicheKeyword]:

Search Affiliate Marketing Programs

The results you see are affiliate programs pages and visiting them will give you information on the product price, affiliate commission percentage and the affiliate network to sign up to.

Finding High Paying CPA Affiliate Programs

CPA affiliate programs are different from those PPS (pay per sale) ones; in fact they are the total opposite to them.

While PPS affiliate programs will give you commission for successfully selling a product, CPA programs on the other hand will give you commission for simpler tasks like:

  • Getting someone to install a free app
  • Getting someone to fill out a survey form
  • Getting someone to sign up for a free account

CPA affiliate programs also have high affiliate payouts and you can easily find a CPA offer that pays you $100 or $200 for these simple tasks.

CPA affiliate programs are also run by affiliate networks that specialize in CPA offers.

Affiliate networks like, ShareASale and MaxBounty among others.

Instead of jumping around from one affiliate network to the other in hope of finding the right CPA offer for you, you can instead use a website like

It is a website that hosts tons of CPA offers from different affiliate networks.

You can even search for CPA offers by your niche keyword, countries and affiliate networks.

search for CPA offersFinally

No matter which affiliate program you choose to promote, you need to have a quality and niche targeted affiliate website.

Don’t choose an affiliate marketing programs just because it offers more money, you first need to make sure that you will be promoting a quality product that converts well.

Affset among other affiliate marketing courses can help you find profitable affiliate marketing programs in any niche you want.

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