Applying for a new job? How is your CV looking? If you think that it looks a bit generic and might not stand out from the crowd, there is one easy way to fix it. You just need to add some amazing skills onto it! These days, many applicants have fantastic grades and excellent work experience. So the only way you can help your CV stand out of the crowd is to add on some unique skills. Want to know which skills can really help? Here are some of the best!

Stackbuddy Amazing Skills That Can Help Your CV Shine

A Foreign Language

Knowing a second foreign language can help you in any job application, no matter what industry you are interested in working in. A second language is a sign that you have some excellent skills under your belt. Such as great communication skills. But your language could also be directly used in your new job role. If the company has been thinking about expanding into a foreign market, your language could be highly desirable. This skill can also be useful if you are applying to be a teacher. Even if you aren’t applying to be a language teacher, this skill can help you step into the current language teacher’s shoes if they are ever ill!

Amazing Skills That Can Help Your CV Shine

These days it is impossible to think of a job that doesn’t need tech skills. One of the best IT skills you can have when applying for any job is coding. Coding is needed to make apps, websites, and software. When you learn to code, you will need to learn a special language that is understood by computers. There are a number of different coding languages including HTML, JavaScript, and Ruby. Once you have mastered one, you can move onto the others!

That Can Help Your CV Shine

If you have a blog, you will know just how important photography is today. Excellent photos can really make your blog or website stand out from all the rest. This skill is also useful if you are a writer and want to get into journalism. As you are trying to build up your portfolio, you should get your own photos to go with your writing samples to help them stand out. Not too good with a camera? You can quickly improve your skills by going on some Photography Courses.

Working With Kids

Working with kids is a skill that not many of us will be that good at to start with. It takes a lot of patience. If you are not naturally good with children, this can be tricky at first. However, after a bit of time, you will find that working with kids becomes much easier. So if you are applying to be an au pair or nanny, you should clearly state on your CV if you have experience of working with children. This way, the employer knows that you will be able to easily settle into the role.

So next time you are updating your CV, remember to include any of the above skills if you have them. It could help you bag your dream job!

Karan Sharma
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