So you’ve set up a website selling products or services (or both). You thought that it would be a roaring success. Sadly, only the opposite is true! You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time and money launching your new online brand.

It is disheartening to learn that few people take an interest in your website. The big question on your mind is why aren’t people buying from you? Here’s the thing: it could be down to one or more reasons. What may surprise you is how you probably didn’t think much about the ones that apply to your site.

People Buying

You’re interested in learning why people aren’t buying from your website. Here are some of the most common reasons why that is happening:

Your website isn’t secure

These days everyone knows that computers can often get hacked. They worry about typing in personal details and credit card numbers on the Internet. We hear stories every day of how people’s ID and card details get cloned and used fraudulently.

Have you made sure your website is secure? An SSL certificate is cheap to buy and easy to apply to any site. Its job is to make your site send and receive encrypted data. That means anyone “spying” on what data you send online will just see garbled text.

Google also places some website ranking authority on sites that use SSL. Making your site secure is also useful for search engine optimization purposes.

Your website doesn’t work

An unreliable Web host can damage your online reputation. Especially if you’ve got a new site that you want to promote! Hosting companies are ten a penny, as they say. There are millions of providers out there, all with various services on offer. And, of course, different prices.

You might think that avoiding the cheapest hosts is the best strategy to use. But, even the more expensive ones can be just as bad. Use some common sense when choosing a host. Pay attention to online reviews and learn about what service levels they offer. You should stick with firms that offer nothing short of 99.9% uptime reliability.


Your content doesn’t it make clear what users should do

Some people have landing pages with links to order pages rather than e-commerce sites. If that describes your website, you’ll need to check that you’ve got a call to action on your pages. When it comes to conversion rate optimisation, CTAs play a big part in any strategy.

You need to make sure that people do something (that you want them to do) once they read your content. Don’t assume that everyone will know what to do. Or, indeed, do what you expect!

People Buying

You don’t offer enough payment options

Let’s face it: not everyone wants to use a service like PayPal! You need to give your customers the option to pay with their debit and credit cards.

You can do that by signing up for a merchant account and payment gateway service. That way, you can process card payments and increase the sales on your website.

Good luck!

Karan Sharma
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