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The Benefits of Working in the BPO Industry

While we talk about BPOs, few things pops-up into the mind are—call centres, working away night shifts, jobs for fresh college graduates and what not. The question that keeps on buzzing into the mind is “can I get a long-term career here?” This guest post discusses the various advantages and aspects of working in the BPO industry.

BPOs are no longer the last career option for fresh college graduates working day and night at the call centres. This industry with a large number of manpower all across the world fetches the need and critical demands of almost all the international brands globally.

Well, let’s discuss the myth-busting lesser known facts about this huge industry which is stepping up the pace worldwide and will surely surprise you:

  • It will definitely knock the socks off with the fact that around 52% of the global sourcing is from our own nation. With an annual growth of 14%, the domestic market is moving on at a faster pace to approach the USD 50 billion mark. More of a surprise, women constitute 50% of the workforce in the industry which serves as a preeminent example of equal opportunities.
  • Odd working hours is another unfounded reason often mistaken by almost all of us. Well, professionals must know about the fact that work culture of 24×7 is nothing new in the globalized industry. Be it in hospitals, media agencies, transportation sector or any other industry, 24×7 work culture is followed and hence BPO industry is certainly not a unique one.
  • Another widely believed myth is that BPM/BPO jobs are all about call centres. Well, as per NASSCOM, this sector includes almost 3.5 million professionals only in India and hence is one of the largest employers in the nation. Moreover, among them around 15-20% are scientists, engineers, accountants, doctors, lawyers etc.

At present the BPM industry is at its peak and during this growth burst it seeks for more leaders across all verticals and levels. According to the NASSCOM report, the industry is more focussed to train their employees and therefore invests more in training and career development so as to create leaders within the industry. They give better opportunities to their workforce by providing training sessions that enable them to achieve their goals. They tie-up with the renowned institutions globally, just to offer the best possible training to the employees.

According to the report published by the India Skills Report, almost 80% of the employers in the present market prefer to hire professionals within 30 years of age and definitely the skilled ones. The report also states that among those 1.5 million engineers graduating each year, around 70% of them are placed in the IT and manufacturing sector.

Besides nation-building, the IT-BPM industry plays a great role in the creation of individual wealth by being one of the most worthwhile jobs. The industry is undeniably embarking on an innovative platform and is witnessing robust development. It has lot to offer and is a great opportunity to carve a long-term career. This industry will let you learn new skill which is the need of the hour in the age of multi-tasking. It’s a complete dynamic world where you cross the boundary and adapt to other cultures as it is better to be a jack of all trades than to be a master of one!

Career in International call centers offer world class work environment. Besides, the employee benefits offered like free insurance, food match with global tech conglomerates. For refreshing the mood and ensuring bon homie in the team there are parties and get-togethers on weekends whose cost is borne by the employer. It is common for these companies to organize camping tours at popular hill resorts.

Besides, the managers are quite frank at BPOs and facilitate open feedback sessions during training which help you know about your strengths and weaknesses. With these sessions you also gain an insight into team building and management. Last but not the least, working in an international BPO sometimes proves a ticket to foreign land as it helps while applying for a Visa to a foreign country. With the strong communication you gain an extra edge and immigration department considers your experience with foreign culture and language in your favor.

The Benefits of Working in the BPO Industry was last modified: October 11th, 2015 by Saurabh Tyagi
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Saurabh Tyagi

Saurabh Tyagi is a writer, social media enthusiast and a keen watcher of latest job trends. He is currently associated, a leading online recruitment company in India. When he is not writing, you will find him reading about the latest in technology and new media

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  1. My company uses a customer automation management system, I use a BPO alongside this which is recommended by the company. This betters the rate of transactions and the whole process giving my customers a better service. I Would strongly suggest that you should use the BPO alongside an automation management system. It will only create a demand chain even more effective.

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