Backing Up is Not Optional: Three Free Online Backup Services That You Can Use to Save Your Files 

Have you ever lost any important data? If you haven’t yet, consider yourself lucky. Lots of people lose their data all the time — simply because they’re unprepared. One system crash later, and you’re wondering where it’s all gone. So today i have tell you best free online backup services.

Best Free Online Backup Services

People who back up will shrug and say “time to restore”. And people who do not back up are in for a rude awakening.

List Of Free Online Backup Services

In this day and age, backing up is no longer optional. Since nearly every facet of our live is now either partially of fully electronic, you need to make sure that your data is protected securely. But what is the best solution for backing up? It all depends on what platform you’re on and what you’re planning on backing up. In this post, we take a look at three free backup solutions. Get the one that’s right for you and your backup needs.


Dropbox is a popular solution for people in need of backing up mostly singular files, and sharing those files with others. Dropbox, in its essence, is an online flash drive, with files being accessible through the web client, and also through its many applications.

You never have to worry about a lost file with Dropbox, because they create multiple backups of the same files! One goes into their cloud, with another copy created just for safety, and a copy for each machine you’ve connected to the same Dropbox account.

Free version: 2 GB of storage, Encryption

Best for: small backups and collaborating with people.



Vobla is a new backup service for Linux machines. The best part about it is its continuous data protection feature. Unlike other full-scale backup solutions, Vobla does not back up everything at once. It intelligently senses what files have been changed since the last backup, and backs up only those files into the cloud. With other services, users will need to either constantly manage data to stay under the quota limit, but as Vobla only backs up changed files, deleting data is rarely necessary — the quota allowance is spent efficiently and intelligently.

Using Vobla is very easy. It’s installed on the user’s computer or server by simply pasting a command. The installation process is quick and painless.

After the app has been installed, you go to Vobla’s web site, log in to your account, and decide what folders from your computer are going to be backed up. It’s a very intuitive and simple-to-use program, even for Linux novices.

What’s also great about Vobla is its resource monitoring capabilities. Once Vobla is running, it watched the usage of the system’s resources. Users can see this information on their account page.

Free version: 5 computers, 5 GB of storage, 4 Mb maximum file size, Encryption

Best for: full-scale backups and selective backups on Linux.

Google Drive

Google Drive, Google’s storage solution, offers users 15GB of space, automatically upon sign up. And you’ve of course got a Google account already, so there’s no need to sign up separately.

They’ve got desktop apps for Mac and PC, an Android app, and iOS app, but all of your files are available through any old browser. Drive clearly takes the win for most convenience. It’s built to work with all the other Google products you’re already using, as well as WhatsApp (to back up conversation logs).

Drive is very convenient to work in, however, you will need to drag-and-drop files you’d like to save to the cloud. It’s not the most annoying feature, but it still lacks the sensitivity that Dropbox and Vobla have.

Free version: 15 GB of storage

Best for: Collaborating on documents, sharing photo and video.



Please let us know if you have use any other free online backup services for your website via commenting.

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