If you are on the road to getting your Ph.D., your thesis is going to be one of the major achievements of your scholastic career. Before even beginning your thesis you will need to write a dissertation proposal that needs to be approved. After getting the go ahead, the world is your oyster and probably the bane of your life too! Assuming you pass your proposal, you will have a topic that your tutor believes is worthy of in-depth discussion and research. We’ll also assume you’ve been collating research throughout your doctorate. So the next steps are how to execute such a mammoth task. Below are some ideas to take a little bit of the Painful Headache Dilemmas out of your Doctor of Philosophy.

Writing Ph.D Thesis


Throughout your Ph.D. you have no doubt been thinking about topics and research that you can use for your thesis. You may have copious notes, voice recordings, interviews and material that you need to gather and process. No matter how academic you are, one of the scariest parts of starting your thesis is working out the structure. Here is a quick guide on how to structure your thesis. It includes everything from your Title Page to your Appendices and everything in between. When you have your structure in place, it is worth spending some time working out the word length of each section. And also giving yourself a first draft deadline for each piece. This will keep you on track and a little more organized in a sea of research and words.

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Everything Starts Somewhere

As overwhelming as it is, at some point, you are going to have to start writing. But do remember that you don’t have to start at the beginning. Some of the most prolific authors have said that they sometimes start in the middle or at the end of their books. And the same can be said of your academic thesis. It may be that you want to tackle your discussions and findings first before writing your introduction or literature review. Writing preferences differ between each person, and there is no right or wrong way to start.

thesis guidelines

On completion of your thesis, you might feel like giving out a big Whoop-de-Woo cheer! But save it for just one more moment. Your thesis is a long and in-depth academic or scientific manuscript. Therefore it pays to opt for a student proofreading service that will read through your thesis meticulously to check for any errors. This document will be one of your most complex pieces of writing packed with complex data and references. A second pair of eyes is your saving grace before handing over your thesis. You don’t want to fall short because of errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling. If you have just one grammatical mistake on each of your 200+ pages that could cost you a first class honors grade.


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Checklist Before Submission

Before you kiss that baby goodbye to binding, it’s best to do one more hour of last minute checks. Triple check your Acknowledgments page and make sure you have included everyone that you should. Make sure all your Appendices are referenced correctly. Check that each page is numbered correctly and that they are correlate on your Contents Pages. And don’t forget to sign the Disclaimer. Then go have some fun, have a stiff drink and pat yourself on the back!

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