Just because you don’t have a degree, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good job. There are all kinds of great career paths that don’t require you to get a degree. So here we have best jobs without a degree. Here are some of them.

Web Designer

Many of the world’s top web designers never got a degree. They simply practiced and practiced coding until they were experts at it. This is how the industry works. Anyone can set themselves up as a web designer and get some experience under their belt as a freelance. After that, they can use that experience as a launching off point for a permanent role in a company. Most employers will not bother looking at qualifications. They are much more bothered about real world experience and skills.

best jobs without a degree

Air Traffic Controller

The sky is filled with thousands of planes each and every day. Every time one of the takes off or lands, there is a team of people on the ground making sure this happens smoothly and safely. These people are the air traffic controllers. It’s one of the most interesting and important jobs that you can do without having a degree. You will have to complete an approved training course to get a job like this though. Once you’ve been doing the job for a long time though, you can earn big money.

Truck Driver

Trucking driving is a career that really suits some people. The kind of person who loves vehicles and hates the idea of being tied to a desk tends to like this kind of job. You have to be able to control the truck and pay attention to the road at all times. If you can do that, you could make a real success of a career as a truck driver. You should go to Diesel Driving School if you want to get the licenses that you’ll need to start a career as a truck driver.


What better job could there be than saving people’s lives on a daily basis? This is what firefighters get to do, and they don’t need a degree in order to do it. Yes, it’s a very dangerous job, but it’s one that is very rewarding as well. You can get into this line of work by doing through extensive physical and mental training. It will be a long time before you can actually save anyone from a burning building, but you’ll get there eventually. Physical jobs like this rarely require a degree.

Fire Photography

Marketing Manager

There are so many job opportunities in the world of marketing these days. There is no shortage of jobs that need to be filled by people. And many of the people who get those jobs do not have degrees. There are lots of great trainee jobs, during which you can learn as you earn. And the amount that you earn goes up a lot as you become more experienced in the role. It’s a great way into a high-paying role without having to get a degree. There are similar opportunities in sales jobs too.

best jobs without a degree

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