When you start a new job, it can be a bit nerve-wracking at first. You don’t know anyone at the new company, and you are unsure if you are doing everything right in the role. It can lead you to be quiet in the first few months at the job. Here is some essential advice to boost your confidence in the workplace.

Boost Your Confidence

Speak to a supervisor about your fears

One thing you can do if you are struggling to be confident in the workplace is you should speak to your supervisor about your concerns. Tell them what is making you feel uncomfortable, and what they can do to help boost your confidence. They may be able to show you ways to make your role easier. Or they might arrange for some further training so you feel more confident. You might be able to shadow a colleague so that you can get a better idea of what you are meant to be doing. Your supervisor may let you hang around with them at lunch for a few days so you get to know everyone better. It’s best to talk to them about your fears so that you can grow more confident in the workplace.

Look for further training in your spare time

Another piece of advice you need to help boost your confidence in the workplace is to find some further training in your spare time. You may need to go online and find a course that you can go on which will help advance your skills. You could even suggest it to your employer as they may fund you to go on it for your career development. You can also find tutoring online which can help you learn more in a particular skill. They can also give you tips to build more confidence.

Try and feel more positive about the job

An additional piece of advice you need to help boost your confidence in the workplace is you need to try and think about the positives of the job. Consider what you really like about the role and the people around you. You need to try and ignore the negatives, and focus on the positives to boost your confidence in the workplace. You should try and act confident as if you are in character. As this feature reveals, if you are in an executive role, make sure you are speaking, dressing, and acting like one. You will soon boost your confidence if you believe you are right for the role.

You need to confront your fears

Another piece of advice when it comes to boosting your confidence in the workplace is to face your fears. The only way to move past them is to deal with them head on. As this article explains, the best way to build self-confidence is by doing the thing you fear most, and building up resilience. Therefore, go and speak to those group of colleagues at lunch time, and offer your ideas to your boss in the next meeting.

Remember it’s normal to feel nervous when you first start in the workplace. You will find your feet and will feel more confident when you get used to the position!

Karan Sharma
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