• Understanding Shared Hosting VS Cloud Hosting for WordPress

    First things first, what exactly is the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting? Shared hosting is self-defined meaning that you should share your space with other users within your circle. This means that you will be forced to share your CPU and/or RAM with other users making it impossible to have your independent space.

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  • Best Free Online Backup Services

    3 Best Free Online Backup Services & Storage

    Have you ever lost any important data? If you haven't yet, consider yourself lucky. Lots of people lose their data all the time — simply because they're unprepared. One system crash later, and you're wondering where it's all gone. So today i have tell you best free online backup services.

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  • Ember js

    What is Ember.js? Why Is It So Popular Javascript Framework?

    The first this you need to understand is that Ember.js - is a framework for creation of non-traditional sites. Such frameworks like jQuery and the Mootools more suited to the classical sites. Applications created on the basis of Ember.js more similar to desktop applications

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  • Reduce database Size After Truncate Or Delete In MS SQL

    Whenever you will try to truncate or delete the row in database at that time you can see that the database size will not reflected automatically .So how can we do that ? actually it is not complicated as much that it sound . so here i am share some tips with you that might be help you . first of all before we start you must have to know that what is the difference between Truncate and delete command in sql server . SQL Delete Statement The DELETE Statement is used to delete rows from a table. [crayon-5a82f56d69ea4430621903/] The…

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