In whatever field we go, we have always seen women face a lot of hardships. The challenges that all professional women have to face are unique and the struggles are real for all those who faced it. The same goes to women entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, not just female, one has to overcome a lot of hurdles to be successful and when it comes to women, it becomes even more difficult. So Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs in India & solution.

Before the names of famous women entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw became popular, the world only knew about male entrepreneurs. In case of India, the revolution came a bit later at the beginning of the new millennium, but it has shown that Indian women are as good as their male counterparts. A survey done in 2015 has shown that 49% of entrepreneurs in India are women, showing how the whole idea of entrepreneurship has changed in the country. The same survey puts the global percentage of women entrepreneurs around 37%. This shows how the country is shedding the idea that entrepreneurship is more of a one-gender game. Even though this is a positive change for the women entrepreneurs, they still face a lot of hardship when it comes to being successful and get recognized for their work.

challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs

Here are some of the biggest challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and how they can overcome it:

May feel their ideas being criticized

This is not only for entrepreneurs but is common in any workplace also. Women often find that their ideas and opinions are not given much importance as their counterparts. Much of this is because due to the majority of the team or workplaces being male dominated. Some even make the mistake of acting like a man, going with the stereotypical thinking that will help them in getting the needed attention.

How to overcome it

 The only way to overcome this problem is be natural, be the way you are and then be bold. Be confident about your abilities and your skills to run the business. After all as an entrepreneur, the business idea was yours and you should have faith in your capabilities.

Lack of marketing skills

In India, most of the areas in the marketing sphere are male-dominated. This makes it difficult for women entrepreneurs to get the message out clearly. They are often left with the option to outsource it to third parties that take advantage of them and fail to the job properly.

How to overcome it

Lack of a skill can only be fulfilled by acquiring it. Women entrepreneurs should learn more about the basics of marketing to capture the market associated with the start-ups’ products or service. One does not need to have a master’s degree in marketing; just the basic skills to understand the working. There are courses that one can attend nowadays regarding such and it will help greatly instead of depending on someone to do it. You can do your own strategic planning if you have the skills.

Most families still have an orthodox mentality

The biggest of all obstacles that a women entrepreneur faces is from their own family. Most families in India still feel shocked and surprised about the idea of a woman running a business of her own. This is because of the highly patriarchal society that women grow up in. The society has forced some of the best women entrepreneurs from shining.

How to overcome it

Again women entrepreneurs need to be brave and do not care what others think about their dreams. You will always find someone supporting your cause, so do not get disappointed by early setbacks. You might have already expected these obstacles when you first though about setting up your own business, so there should not be anyone stopping you now.

Women need to leave out emotions from their business goals

One can fault nature for that, but, women are naturally more emotional and guided by their nurturing qualities. While the second is a good quality, the first one can become a big hindrance in running a business as it will be difficult to make important decisions.

How to overcome it

Do not get attached to the business emotionally. If your business needs some drastic changes, do not hold back because it may affect someone. Go and do it. A woman’s nurturing characteristics can help in building good business relationships that will help you in the future.

“Momtrepreners” find it difficult to find the work-life balance

Entrepreneurs who are also mothers have a very tough time balancing their personal life and work. This is like the second biggest challenge they face. It is difficult for them to give a great amount of their time to the family and in India this is something which is looked upon the wrong way.

How to overcome it

Mothers who are also entrepreneurs need to be open about their priorities with their partners and let them know they are doing their best. They should make a clear routine that will help them in distributing their work life and personal life in a perfect manner.

Women need to be more tech savvy

This comment is not supposed to be sexist but it is a very common thing which I have experienced often. It is a known fact that there are very few women in engineering and in India; most of them are not tech savvy. Nowadays to be a great entrepreneurship, you have to understand the latest technologies that are used.

How to overcome it

Overcoming this is a simple task. You just need to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and learn how they can affect your business. In this way, you need to be always dependent on others to understand what is best for your business.

Challenges will always be there and I think it is these challenges that determine the best from the rest. If you know how to tackle challenges, you will get to be successful, famous and can make your business grow better.

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Hasib is a SEO writer, blogger and a career advisor. He has contributed a number of articles on skills development and career advices to various online platforms. He is an avid reader and passionate about the beautiful game of football. Follow him @ twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

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