3 ways to check website for malware

If you are a blogger or site admin at that time website security is more important and key feature for you. So here are i am going to describe you 3 ways to check website for malware, As we all know in today’s world the security part is play important role in website career. Before we proceed let’s talk about some statistical data.


2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics



What is Malware ?

If your site has been infected, it is generally because some vulnerability has allowed a hacker to take control of your site. The hacker may change the content of the site (for example, to add spam), or add additional pages to the site, usually with the intent of phishing (tricking users into parting with personal and credit card information). Alternatively, they may inject malicious code (malware)—for example, scripts or iFrames that pull content from another website that tries to attack any computer that views the page.

How to know website is infected by malware attack ?

Step 1 : You can check that whether your website is infected by any malware or not by sucuri. It is a wonderful security software that helps you to overcome form this type of malware attack.



Sucuri also provide free wordpress plugin with some limitations, Download Now.

[cs_button href=”” target=”_blank” icon=”fa-cloud-download” type=”flat” shape=”rounded” size=”md” color=”green” align=”center”]Download Plugin[/cs_button]

Step 2 :

You can check it by your self by “This site may harm your computer” notification in google search, You’ll see the message “This site may harm your computer” when google search engine think that the site you’re about to visit might allow programs to install malicious software on your computer.

This site may harm your computer"

Step 3 :

You can find out if your site has been identified as a site that may host or distribute malicious software
by checking the Search Console home page. (Note: you need to verify site ownership to see this information.) Google web master also send notices to webmasters of affected sites at the following email addresses for the site:


What happens if you visit the site :

Malicious software can allow unwanted programs to steal passwords and credit card numbers, slow down your computer, or change your search results. We recommend that you don’t visit the site until this message disappears from the search result.

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