Chitika Review

Chitika is a yet to grow ad network that is best for blogs which are disapproved by google adsense , and don’t have any other options to monetize it’s content. Here We have Chitika Review that will clear your all the doubt regarding this advertisement network. It was around the corner from many years with out any improvement towards the publishers favor , but gained popularity as an alternative to the top ad network which I already said.I have scene in many forums and discussion boards that lots of people asking : Is chitika a scam ? Anyone received payments from them and how much you make with chitika ?. My answer for all the above question is ‘ It varies with user to user and blog.
Chitika Review

What Is Chitika ?

As I already said chitika is a famous ad network that pays their publishers according to CPM and PPC systems. I mean you can earn for both ad clicks as well as unique impressions. Newly they also introduced an affiliate system through the same ads known as conversions.

How Chitika Works ?

The advertisements served by them are very sensitive to the keywords of the particular pages. When a person searches ‘ Chitika review ‘ in google and then reaches this post , an ad related to chitika products will be shown to him. I think now you understood the working nature of chitika.

In case of a direct view of the ad , they may show a blank one or an ad from answered questions dot com. You might already knows it if you are a publisher of chitika.

Types Of Ads

Chitika stays on the first position when it comes to the ad types. They are providing the below ad types for their publishers :

Text Ads :

So, these are the most powerful ads in these days that can be displayed to any operating system. Text ads keep the information outside as a title for blog post, that’s why we can expect more clicks for these stuff.

List unit Ads :

In chitika , I don’t use these ads as they appear like we are blogging for just generating income. That means they occupy most of the place in the sidebar and leaves a clumsy impact on the visitor. We have an option to display upto 3 to 9 text ads in a list, which I don’t recommend.

Mobile Ads :

Now a days the number of mobile internet users are increased by a great extent , so we required to monetize the mobile traffic too to maximize our earnings. In chitika , the mobile ads appear as a small size banners about click to download tools, facebook and anyother thing.

How much Chitika Pays ?

I think this question has been asked for a million times in the Internet, but sadly there is no exact answer for it. They pay around $0.30-$3.00 for each thousand views . You may confuse with the huge difference, in fact your earnings depends on the country from where you are receiving the traffic. If your blog has a good amount of visitors from UK,USA and Canada, then you got the jackpot.

Now coming to the pay per click ads, which are disastrous to think about. I think chitika pays around one cent for each click we receive from our traffic.

Chitika has a nice referral system for their publishers , which makes 10% of referral earnings upto one year.

After reaching the minimum amount of $10 we can make payout to our paypal, but in case of a check it takes $50 to withdraw.

My Final Chitika Review

Overall it’s not an ad network that makes you rich quickly, but it can help at least to pay our domain or hosting bills. If you are approved to google adsense , then please forget about chitika. I wrote this review on chitika to help my co-bloggers to make a little income who are not into google adsense.

Chitika Review

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