When you are looking for work, it can always be something of a grind finding the right kind of job for your own personality type. When it comes to certain kinds of people, it can be particularly difficult. A good example of the kind of person who might find it difficult is the creative. Yet, creative people are needed all across the spectrum, in a variety of fascinating and interesting jobs. If you happen to have the magical combination of creativity and professionalism, then you are absolutely in luck, as these two qualities combined lend themselves to a range of industries which you could consider. In this post, we are going to take a look at what those industries might be, so that you can narrow your search a little.

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If you are able to work to your own strict deadlines, then you just might be the ideal kind of individual for a freelance job. What kind of work you do would of course depend on the nature of your own creativity, but one thing is for certain: going freelance has a number of distinct advantages which you don’t have with any other job type. Among the most exciting and enticing is the fact that you can choose your own hours and, usually, even your own rate of pay. Of course, you will also need a great deal of determination, drive and vigour if you are to succeed, which means that this is not the route for just anyone.


Perhaps you have a wide range of skills, and your creativity is just one of many positive attributes which you have to offer? If this is so, then the growing industry of fashion could be a home to you, depending on what it is that you usually want out of a job. If you take a look at this Talisman Fashion executive search, you will notice that working in fashion does not necessarily mean that you need to be working low down as a numbered creative. You might be able to land a managerial role and still have the opportunity to exercise your creativity. For may, this is an ideal combination – whether or not that is true for you will depend on what you really want from your job. Either way, this is an industry which is well worth considering.

Creative & Professional srtackbuddy

This is probably the most common go-to for most people who consider themselves talented in the creative departments. Media involves so many different sub-industries and there are so many kinds of role to choose from, that you are unlikely to ever be out of work as long as you keep plugging away and you know how to really sell yourself. Working in the media can be equal parts rewarding and enjoyable, so if you want to stretch your creative muscle professionally you could probably do much worse than this. What’s more, there are plenty of high-paying and high-security jobs out there in the media, so you can feel confident as anything going in.

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