Being a newcomer to any place is difficult and today the Job Market is very difficulty. Especially if you haven’t fully grasped the culture or the language yet. There are many who come to English speaking countries with a good grasp on English and an understanding. Only to find themselves facing a lot of difficulty when trying to get what they really need. Work. Pay. A decent standard of living. From linguistic to cultural, there are a lot of adaptations that you might be expected to meet. In this article, we’re going to tell about some of those difficulties and how you might better prepare to meet them.

How to overcome from Job Market challenges :

Job Market


One of the biggest barriers for newcomers to any country is that of the language. Most will want to prepare by learning the language, naturally. However, there’s a difference between learning and becoming fluent. Fluency can take a long time to learn but it’s necessary to maintain the natural levels of communication that will help you progress in a career. Training like the Effortless English Course can teach you fluency, not just understanding. Crossing that gap is the difference between sub-par and perfect communication.


Not everything is spoken out loud, of course. You will also need to be able to understand and adapt to the different displays of etiquette expected. Particularly in the business world. Learning new etiquette can always seem alien and weird, but it’s important to making a good impression. In America, for example, dressing in business clothes for any kind of job or business related meeting is important. Appearances matter, so do some research on how you might need to dress for certain situations and adapt.

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Selling yourself

America, most amongst the English speaking countries, has a large focus on individual value. You need to be able to make yourself stand out from the pack. You need to be able to show an individualist desire to do better and excel. That also needs to carry onto your interviews. You have to focus your resume and your interview on your own capabilities and experiences in various kinds of situations.

Codes of conduct

A lot of newcomers might also underestimate the importance of the code of conduct in a lot of workplaces. English-speaking countries with a focus on business might value individualism. However, they also value authority in the workplace. This includes an adherence to the rules that many find strict. These countries are focused towards building business. Because of that, there is a wide culture of systematically refining all the different tasks in the business. This includes the rules that employees follow.

Own boss

The chain of command

As we have said, individual value matters. Mostly when looking to get a job or a promotion. When you’re actually working, adherence to authority takes center stage. This means that the chain of command needs to be followed. You need to maintain respectful communication with your direct superior and not go above their heads to their own boss. You should also get used to the notion of working inside the box. Many businesses systemize the tasks for their employees, not to stifle them, but to maximize efficiency. Feel free to communicate, but don’t take any chances in your work.

Please let us know about your challenges regarding job market.

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