Many people believe that college or university is just a waste of time nowadays. They hear about loads of graduates that can’t get jobs in their degree fields. Often, that’s because they got degrees in careers where one isn’t essential. Study a degree for the right career, and your prospects will be bright.

Bearing that in mind, here are three careers you definitely need a degree to get into:

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An orthodontist is often confused with a dentist, and it’s easy to see why. They both deal with oral health, only an orthodontist is more focussed on the aesthetic side of things. A dentist will tell someone how to look after their teeth and avoid problems, while an orthodontist does things like fitting people with braces, and making crooked teeth straight again. It’s a popular career as the money involved can be ridiculously good as soon as you graduate from university. Another reason it’s such a great career is because you usually go straight into a job after you graduate. However, it requires you to do a lot of work and studying before you’re qualified to go down this career path. To begin, you’ll need to study a dentistry degree, which can last five years. Then, you have to take an extra course to become an orthodontist and get a masters degree. Now, after all that hard work, you’re ready to get started.

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Engineering careers are very popular as there’s a big chance to make a lot of money. As an engineer, your primary focus will be on designing and building things. So, it’s a great career choice for anyone that’s always loved coming up with their own designs and trying to build things from scratch. One of the other things that’s attractive about this career is that it spans across multiple industries. You have your ‘traditional’ engineers that work in construction and design machinery or buildings, etc. Then, you have things like aerospace engineers who work on designing things to do with planes and shuttles. The world is your oyster, and you need a degree to fulfill this career. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways and places that you can study engineering courses at. Ensure you look for the best universities for engineering, as you want to hone your skills and stand a better chance at getting the top jobs.

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Some people are surprised when they realize just how successful pharmacy careers can be. On the face of things, it doesn’t seem like the most glamorous job out there. A pharmacist deals with prescription drugs and has to dispense them to people with prescriptions. They’re also meant to give guidance on how to use the medication they hand out to people. Pharmacists are fastly becoming some of the highest paid people in the country. They can earn big wages, and it’s a great career to consider if you’re interested in health but don’t want to be a doctor. You’ll need a proper pharmacy degree as you must learn about different drugs and how they affect humans.

If you follow any of these career paths, then your degree will be worthwhile. You’ll need one to get a job, and they’re all exceptionally well-paid careers!

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