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Fidelity Media Review : Advertising Network

Today we are talking about the Fidelity Media Advertising Network. The network is one of great ad serving advertisement network.

Fidelity Media

About Fidelity Media :

Fidelity Media is a managed brand safe advertising network. We strive to help businesses steadily grow by running profitable ad campaigns and monetizing high-quality websites.

Established in 2007, Fidelity Media has long-term experience on the online advertising market. For many years we successfully offer a wide range of first-class services for web publishers, app developers, direct websites, advertisers, marketers, brands and agencies. Moreover, we have special payment and revenue share terms for high trafficked websites, publisher networks, site aggregates.

In order to keep pace with the global advertising trends, our efforts are demand-driven. Thus we actively develop a mobile advertising services enabling advertisers to engage with consumers across all screens while giving mobile options for publishers to fill ad space inventory on mobile apps and mobile optimized websites. Besides every our publisher is able to take part in Referral and Loyalty Programand get a chance to earn additional revenue.

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Fidelity Media Publisher Advantages

Steady Income
Ones activated ad codes generate a constant and stable revenue. After joining Fidelity Media ad network you have to do nothing additional actions to successfully monetize your traffic.

On Time Payments
Automatically calculated monthly payments are guaranteed in full. It’s easy to take out earnings using PayPal or Cheque payment systems or Wire transfer.

Passback Tags Option
Get unsold impressions back to monetize by alternative way with zero serving fee. You can provide single passback tags set for all the sites you have in your Fidelity Media account.

Referral and Loyalty Program
Whether your site pending, approved or declined, add our referral link or banner and earn some extra money. No commissions – with each new referral you earn extra money!

General Website Requirements

Fidelity Media’s publisher website should have:

  • unique and frequently updated content,
  • appropriate space on the webpage, reserved for displaying banner ads, and that pre-designed ad space should be able to handle all script types,
  • Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages,
  • professional design, specifically to be visually appealing and presented in a professional manner, to be fully functional at all levels, do not have ”under construction” pages.

Fidelity Media prohibits ads from displaying on websites:

  • made for the sole purpose of clicking on advertisements such as scraper sites,
  • proxy sites,
  • enabling or permitting piracy,
  • that cause interference with user navigation (e.g. preventing a user from leaving a page, by popping dialogs, pop-ups, new windows, etc.),
  • that do not appear to function,
  • that have no ads on the page.

Traffic Requirements

  • Minimum of 10,000 website impressions per month. However, we do accept sites with less impressions on a case by case basis.
  • Minimum 20% website traffic should be mostly from US, UK, CA, AU and European countries, or your website should deliver such volume to Fidelity Media ad network, using own ad serving solution (ex. OpenX free adserver).

Content Guidelines

Fidelity Media prohibits ads from displaying on sites with the following content:

  • Any pornographic material, adult material, or mature content including thinly censored nudity. Due to the risk of adult content, we do not allow image hosts or free web hosting services.
  • Any offers for illegal activities, products or services.
  • Promotion of fake documents, copied material, or paper mills.
  • Promotion of drugs, or any related paraphernalia.
  • Promotion of excessive profanity or violence.
  • Promotion of discrimination or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Promotion or any attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering that lacks any social, artistic, or political value. This includes any content that may be deemed inappropriate or insensitive to victims of natural disasters or human tragedies.
  • Sales or offers that contain certain weapons, alcohol, tobacco, or any related paraphernalia.
  • User submitted content that is not moderated.
  • Complete website designs and/or copied or otherwise ripped content.
  • Content with only a bunch of links to other pages.
  • Installs, links to, or prompts the download of any malware.
  • An excessive number or density of units.
  • Automatically redirects to other sites.

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Fidelity Media Network Details :

Commission Type: CPM(Cost Per Impressions)
Minimum Payment: $ 5
Payment Frequency: NET45
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire,Check
Country: US
Telephone: +1.415.651.4213
Email: [email protected]

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Fidelity Media Advertiser Advantages :

Transparency & Advanced Targeting
Targeting options by transparency level (several levels availible), by channel, by country, by OS (Desktop or Mobile) and devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) are at our clients disposal.

Team of Professionals
We maintain direct relationships with our clients. You can always rely on our experienced, proactive and result driven team focused on your ad campaign goals.

Mobile Advertising
Promote your business on desktop, mobile sites and apps. Your ad messages will be seen across all screens by audience of millions around the world.

Need a custom solution, reach us out
Start a CPM display or mobile advertising campaign within a few hours and estimate the simplicity and traffic quality. Reach out to us, we are responsive.

Referral Program

Fidelity Media Ad Network invites publishers and websites developers to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Please review terms and conditions of our Referral and Loyalty Program below.


You can earn additional money by directing website owners to sign up with Fidelity Media Ad Network. With each active new referral you are getting additional $5 to your account. To opt-in, please use your referral link.

It doesn’t take much time to generate your referral link or get a banner code. You should log in to your personal account and go to the referral program’s section.

Referral Link Example

Our partner’s referral link looks as follows: ID

You can choose referral banner size and colour that match your website design best. To attract more referrals and increase your revenue, we recommend placing the referral banner on priority space on your website.

Your referral link and banners may be placed in your emails or forum postings as well. First clicked unique referral ID will be assigned to each new publisher-referral.

Referral’s Statuses

All referred publishers might have one of following statuses:

  • Pending — referral’s site (s) added into the system and waiting for the review.
  • Approved — referral’s site (s) has been approved. We will credit your account with additional $5 upon completion of the rest of conditions.
  • Declined — all referral’s site (s) being reviewed and declined.


Publisher becomes payable under the following conditions:

  • Publisher’s site (s) were approved by Fidelity Media’s stuff.
  • Publisher stays active with the our ad network for 30 days minimum. Therefore 30 days is the minimum pending time for any payout for referred publishers.
  • Publisher delivers at least 10 000 banner impressions for the period of it’s activity.

Please share your experience about Fidelity Media ad network with us by commenting.

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