Sometime you have like the any song but you did not know the song name or movie name. As we all are like the party and if you heard some new music and song at that time we have no idea about that song. So today i am going to share some websites or tricks that might be help you to find name of this song by lyrics.

How To Find Name of Songs

Search engines like Google or Bing won’t be of much help unless you know a couple of words from the song lyrics or have some clue about the name of the artist or the band. How do you then identify the name of that lovely song. Here are some of the best music recognition services that can help you discover song names. You may use them to identify music playing Internet.

How to find name of this song by lyrics :


find name of this song by lyrics

Shazam is a mobile app that recognizes music and TV around you. It is the best way to discover, explore and share the music and TV you love. It’s an amazing app, available now in the Apple, Android and Windows stores

  • Let’s say you are in a shop and you like the music you’re hearing. Start the app and tap the Shazam button.
  • A digital fingerprint of the audio is created and, within seconds, matched against Shazam’s database of millions of tracks and TV shows.
  • You are then given the name of the track and the artist and information such as lyrics, video, artist biography, concert tickets and recommended tracks. We also let you buy or listen to the song using one of our partners’ services.

MusicID : 

find name of this song by lyrics

Use your mobile phone to identify music you hear on the radio, look up lyrics, download songs, read artist biographies, and so much more!

Music Recognition

Hold your phone up to some music and MusicID will tell you what song is playing! Using a sophisticated music fingerprinting algorithm, MusicID can identify over 28 million songs with new songs added daily!

Powerful Search

Find your favorite songs by searching MusicID’s comprehensive music database powered by Gracenote. Search for songs by artist name, song title, or lyric phrase!

Lyrics, Bio, Downloads

MusicID automatically finds related content to songs it discovers. View song lyrics*, artist bios, similar songs, downloads, and more!

AudioTag :

find name of this song by lyrics

If you have a short recording of a song on your computer or your mobile phone, you may use the online music recognition service at AudioTag to figure out the exact name of that song.

You can upload a short audio and Audio will try to identify the track title by comparing the audio to its own music database. For best results, you should either take a slice from the middle of the song or upload the whole song and the recognition engine will choose slices randomly by itself.

find name of this song by lyrics

If you know the song lyrics so this site will be really helpful to you. There is great information such as new releases, top hits and most popular songs displayed right on the homepage. A powerful search bar resides on the top that allows you to search for lyrics, songs and artists. Results are displayed in a clean, easy to read way. There is a great community built around the music with many people for you to interact with.


LetsSingIt is where the lines start to blur between music discovery site and lyrics site which works extremely well. They have an extremely powerful search box prominent on the homepage that made it simple to find any song, artist or lyrics you’re looking for. I got creative and decided to look up MC Hammer on this site. Of course, I went for “You Can’t Touch This”

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