Google Adsense Account Banned Or Disabled

One day you will try to login into your adsense account and you have been found that it’s disabled 😳 😳 , Thousands of people have the same question:“Google banned my Adsense account but I did nothing wrong.What happened?” 


Let me tell you what happened , actually i had found that sometime legit publisher also lose their google adsense account  , first of all we are focus on what is the main reason for that .

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Fraudulent Clicks –

Google is extremely good at determining whether clicks are legitimate or not. Some publishers have thought that by contacting friends and family, having them search for their site, find, and then click on the ads keeps them in the clear but this is a huge risk and not at all worth the minimal rewards you might receive.Someone is fraudulently clicking the ads on your site.  If this is you than shame on you, you deserve to lose your Adsense account.  But if it is not you but a jealous competitor, ex-girlfriend, or that kid you picked on in the 3rd grade than this really sucks for you.  You are losing out on money that you earned and did not wrong.

Fake Traffic –

Publishers will either purchase loads of traffic from often-shady sources or will buy websites where the majority of traffic is coming from shady sources. (Note: When I mention shady sources I’m referring to traffic that may be incentivized or directed to sites through traffic shares, social media, etc.) Often this traffic will have no interest in the particular subject, but does results in clicks that cost the advertiser money. This type of traffic is harmful to advertisers…they’re paying for traffic that will, ultimately, not convert for them.

Too Many Sites –

You own too many sites.If you have applied for to many website at sometime they will ban you , the number of website still not fixed r officially declared  but according to my friends they will ban you for this reason .

Suddenly your click rates increase –

Your click through rate is too high. Yes if google adsense system will detect that your click rate suddenly increased in regular  interval then just ready for strict action from google adsense , i can understand that some time legit publisher has disappoint with this action .

Previously Banned Account –

Sometimes publishers that have previously been banned will attempt to sign up for another account by changing their name, using a friend’s contact information, etc. Google is very adept at catching this and will shut you down when caught. Instead of signing up again yourself, consider the options we give below.

images (1)

Some bloggers are just leave blogging because they think that without adsense they can’t make money . so for those guy please don’t do this . you can earn more money compare to adsense . so if your google adsense account has been disabled or banned for same reason then keep in mind that IT IS NOT THE END.

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