Is your Google adsense account disabled permanently , now what are the google adsense alternatives  ? This is the most disastrous question that no one would ever wish to ask, because they think adsense is everything to them. So question is google adsense account banned , what will be my google adsense alternatives.

Google adsense is the world’s top advertising network that pays high CPC rates to it’s publishers, at the same time it gives value to the advertisers by disabling the accounts of publishers who do not follow their terms and conditions.

google adsense alternatives

Last month, when I woke up from my bed, I got shocked for checking my inbox emails. There was a message from adsense team saying my google adsense account disabled due to invalid clicks activity. But, I never did any violation to their terms, and most of the times I strive to respect my advertisers.

Then I sent an appeal to reinstate my disabled adsense account back, but for vain. Now they permanently banned my adsense a/c, and said me not to participate in their program again anywhere in the future.

My mind was completely blanked for a few days, and I was not even ready to digest the bad thing that already happened to me. But it is not an end for my blogging life, in fact it is just a set back which do happens to many at the start.

What I did After Banned From Adsense ?

Then I thought of trying any other ad network, which could replace adsense. Frankly, I earned only below $1 with my adsense, I mean I lost it in the early stage or in a few weeks of getting the approval.

In this do or die situation, Chitika helped me financially. I tried their mega ad blocks below my posts and it resulted in a heavy income. Again I got my hopes back of making passive income with my blog. Believe me, I am making around $2 from every 1000 unique page views with a basic membership. Then you may assume the rates for a gold member.

After getting disabled from adsense , most of the people go for infolinks, but listen to me, chitika mega ad blocks pays even more than google adsense.

I agree no other ad network could match with adsense, but chitika can really help you get out of the hell of that banned feeling.

Google Adsense Alternatives

I also saw a few bloggers gave up blogging only due to either they are not getting google adsense approval from long time or for being permanently banned from google adsense.

I know it is a very bad feeling to loose your main income source without your fault, but we can’t do much if adsense bans us. Try to send a detailed appeal note to them saying you are not the reason for the invalid activity, and request them to reinstate you a/c ,and leave the rest things to the adsense team. Sadly, only a little percentage of accounts will be reinstated after getting disabled, but you hope to be there. They’ll reply to your appeal with in 2 weeks saying whether you are a/c disabled permanently or reinstated successfully. If the worst thing happens to you just like me,then go for chitika.

You can read the Chitika review and get the basic idea how the system work.

If you think my article really helped you, then try to join chitika under me through the below sign up option and use the mega ad blocks below or above your posts to maximize your income.

Karan Sharma
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2 thoughts on “Best google adsense alternatives after being disabled”

  1. To be very honest there is no alternative to google adsense. These list are mere for passive income. You can’t make your living with these ad network. For example I have used bidvertiser. I have managed to earn only 5.43 dollars.
    So the alternative which I would like to suggest is affiliate marketing. Choose a product from sharealsale and start promoting it. This affiliate marketing business is even better than adsense.

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