Everyone learns in different ways and people respond to particular things. Some of us prefer to pour over books and study all day. Others go down a more practical and hands on careers route. They prefer to do things with their hands and won’t shy away from any dirty work. For them, the thought of sitting in an office all day is torture.

You may be reading this and thinking that you’re one of these people. You’re never happy doing paperwork or typing things on a computer; you want to use your hands more. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are tonnes of career paths for people like you. There are plenty of hands on careers out there, just take a look at this list:

Car Mechanic

hands on careers

Choosing a career as a car mechanic is a very popular choice nowadays. It’s the perfect career for any petrol head that loves playing around with cars. I’m sure there are quite a few of you that spend hours with your car, taking a look at the engine and changing things here and there. Being a car mechanic can turn your passion into a well-paid job. People are willing to pay lots of money to mechanics because they know it’s the only way to fix their car.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the life of a mechanic involves one thing; fixing cars. No, there are loads of different jobs out there for you to try out and enjoy. You could work for a mobile tyre-fitting service and travel around fitting tyres on cars. Or, you could work at an MOT test centre and take in-depth looks at vehicles every day. There’s nothing stopping you from going into motorsport and being a mechanic for an F1 team or rally driver! If you love cars and enjoy working with your hands, this is a great career path for you.


hands on careers

When it comes to hands on careers, they don’t get handier than this one. Some people think that a handyman is a nickname you give someone that’s good with their hands. But, it’s also a legitimate job and career option for you. Handymen will offer a range of services, depending on what they’re good at. This can range from hanging up pictures, to completely remodelling a bedroom. If you have an array of handy talents, this might be the perfect career for you.

The great thing about this career option is that no two days are the same. One day you might be performing a simple task for a client, and the next you’re working on a complex project. There can be a lot of DIY work involved with this job, so if you like that stuff then this is ideal! And, handymen are often self-employed, which has some benefits. For one, you work for yourself and don’t have to answer to anyone. Secondly, you can be quite flexible with your working pattern and plan it around your life. Plus, you get paid by the job, which means you’ll get your money as soon as you finish the task at hand. So, there’ll be no waiting around for payday, because payday is every day for a handyman.

Gas Engineer

hands on careers

If you want a career that’s very technical, and gets you doing lots of handiwork, why not become a gas engineer? In truth, this is probably the best-paid career on my list. Gas engineers can take home a huge salary, with most employers offering extensive benefits too. But, when a career pays highly, it usually requires more work to get into. You’ll have to get all the relevant qualifications and go through lots of training to become a gas engineer. A lot of the work can be tricky, but if you’re good with your hands then give it a shot.

Gas engineers can do various things on a daily basis. Most people associate them with boiler repair jobs. And, yes, that is one of the jobs you’ll be tasked with doing. But, you might find yourself fitting a radiator or installing a new central heating system. It can be hard work, but you are rewarded with that excellent wage.

So, if you fancy a practical career, these three ideas may be your best bets. All three of these careers can pay well and offer a diversity of work. I think they’re great for someone that isn’t satisfied with sitting at a desk doing the same thing for eight hours each day.

Karan Sharma
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