If there’s one thing this country can’t seem to have too much of, it’s medical professionals. So we can’t help but feel a little grateful to the people who are about to put themselves through medical school! Still, for every person who does go to medical school, there are many people who felt that they wouldn’t be up to the task.

Healthy Education

Another thing to consider is the quite high dropout rate. Medical schools – including all the courses out there that are closely aligned to science – have some of the highest dropout rates in academia. So while most still go on to do really well, there are a lot of people who got there and found themselves overwhelmed by the massive task they were taking on.

So it’s important that you analyze your decision as thoroughly as possible. Thankfully, this article is here to help out anyone who is considering going to medical school!

Considering the commitment

Make no mistake: just like law school, medical school is one hell of a commitment. Sure, there are plenty of courses there that will last around four years. But it’s worth noting that the vast majority of medical schools don’t offer any courses that are shorter than that – and the average medical student is going to be there for around six years, with many who are aiming high enough staying there for as long as a decade! Read more over at MedicalSchoolSuccess.com.

Stackbuddy Medical School

What is it you want to do?

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that landing a job in the healthcare industry will always require you to go to medical school. And this can worry a lot of people who would like to enter this field in order to help people, but don’t quite have the patience or even the luxury of spending so much time at such an institution.

But there are actually a bunch of career paths that you can pursue without spending years at a formal medical school. One of the most popular and hands-on is that of a medical assistant. Yes, it’s true that extensive training is going to be required. But a decade at a medical school certainly isn’t! If you want more details, head over to MedicalAssistantEDU.org.


Doing your best and getting to the top in any career is going to take a lot out of you – and it’s going to require a lot of sacrifices on your part. This is especially true when it comes to a medical career.

No matter where you are on the ladder, a medical career is going to mean late nights and early mornings. It’s going to cause havoc to any schedule that you try to create for yourself. It may even mean that your social life becomes non-existent for quite long periods of time! You’ll start to appreciate smaller things and short breaks. It’s an intense and trying career – but it can be done, and it’s worth doing. You can read more about dealing with career stress at HelpGuide.org.

You have to ask yourself if you’re ready for this and if you’re on the right path. And if you are, then all the power to you!

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