Whether you’ve just finished uni or you’re dissatisfied with your current position, we all have times where we want a new job. Over the past decade, the economy’s been erratic and shaky, so you might have had bad prior experiences with career fulfillment. Despite this, finding a better job is far from impossible. Here are some of the important steps towards finding a more satisfying job.

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Firstly, use what you have. By this I mean going over your current employability resources, and finding out the best way to use them. Unless you’ve been living in a cave your whole life, you’ll have some past experiences and relationships which you can use in the job market. Very few people bother collecting letters of reference from their past employers. Anyone you’ve worked under in the past could be a good source for a recommendation in writing. These are useful for showing potential employers, but will also give you an advantage which is often overlooked. When you receive this reference, you can use it to see what your past employees valued about you. Make sure to emphasise these qualities in applications and cover letters. Business News Daily has a helpful feature on asking for references.


Your next step is to tidy up and fine-tune your CV. By “fine-tune”, I mean crafting it to target a specific position. You’ve probably got a job which you’re always day dreaming of. I assume that’s why you’re reading this article! Research the skills and experience which are valued in your target job, and emphasise these on your CV. It may be worth hiring a freelance copywriter or consultant to have a look at your CV and write it up for you. Don’t forget to present yourself well on any online platforms too. Google your name, and you might see some things you wouldn’t want an employer to see! If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile already, get one. Make sure this is as refined and polished as your CV.


Finally, assume a competitive attitude during your job search. Millions of people use sites like Indeed and Rowlands Recruitment to apply for jobs. Remember that you’re just a drop in an ocean, and need to work at standing out. Every time you apply for a position, take some time to look at the company’s website. This is usually pretty dry reading, I know. However, if you show some in-depth knowledge about the company in your application, it can really impress a lot of recruiters. This will show that you’re a self-starter, and willing to put more work in to achieve the things you want. There are various other things which will set you apart from other candidates. You might want to go to some interview coaching sessions, or publish a blog post which shows your knowledge of the niche.

Take these three steps, and you’ll be well on your way towards that dream job. Job hunting isn’t exactly fun, and you may find it hard to get motivated. However, when you secure that position, you’ll agree that it was all worth it.

Karan Sharma
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