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How to Integrate Pinterest with Facebook Page


You already have a Facebook page and a Pinterest Page, and you have a number of followers on both accounts, so why not integrate the two and get more traffic for your business? There are so many exciting things you will be able to offer your fans if you have your social media accounts integrated together on one site. Having your Pinterest posts integrated means you can promote Facebook page and that is good news for your business.


Well, it’s time to know the different ways to integrate Pinterest with Facebook page. Here they are.

1. Use Woobox

In this case, you can learn how to integrate Pinterest with Facebook page using Using this tool for integration is a great idea because of the ease it provides. Woobox explains how to integrate effortlessly, such that even the most amateur people can carefully follow the instructions and perform the integration seamlessly. Woobox is completely self-explanatory. Integrating Pinterest with Facebook using Woobox requires that you have only one free Pinterest tab. If you need more than one tab, a fee will be charged. After the integration, your followers and fans can now access your boards on Pinterest while staying on Facebook, and they would only be redirected if they choose to comment, which in turn helps to promote Facebook page.

2. Add links

The whole reason you want to link all your accounts is to generate more traffic, add links to Pinterest on Facebook, and make it fun and interesting. Draw people by using catch phrases. It’s your account – the more you do and say, the more fans would want to be on your sites. Keep adding links every 2–3 days because your fans are not always on the page at the same time. You want them all to have the opportunity to see your content. The same is true for Pinterest – promote Facebook page by adding links to your Pinterest page.

3. Keep fans interested

You must keep your fans interested and allow them to interact with each other so that they do not lose interest. The greater the interaction, the more you keep their curiosity levels up; they may even invite their friends and colleagues to have a look at your page. You boost your own Facebook page by doing this, in addition to acquiring more fans. Use status updates to promote the special games or boards you are running and continue to maintain a high level of excitement.

4. Make Facebook “Pinteresting”

To boost Facebook page, add all your interesting boards from Pinterest to your Facebook page,


or at least provide links. Then, go to your Pinterest account and make your boards as exciting as you possibly can. Run contests get your fans chatting with each other with you; interact with them and you can promote Facebook page and Pinterest with minimal input – your fans will also do it for you.

Go ahead and integrate your Pinterest and Facebook pages, and you shall benefit from this integration by gaining more fans. You must keep both pages interesting and you can boost Facebook page by adding Pinterest. They are both different and yet the same, sometimes offering similar activities and sometimes not. Hence, it is up to you to make your pages great or leave it to run its course.

Do your best, spend time on it, and ultimately reap the benefits. Do not make the mistake of allowing them to compete against each other; rather, get them to work together to promote Facebook page and increase the fans on both sites. The power is in your hands. Make it work for you and your business.

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