As any business knows, creating the product is the easy part. The hard part is managing your employees and next concern is how to motivate employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, running a business often devolves into an operation in managing interpersonal conflict. And this often gets in the way of actually doing any hard work.

How to motivate employees in the workplace

What’s more employees tend to be unreliable either by taking random vacations or not maintaining a high standard of work. What’s worse, confronting employees about the issues they’re having can make them defensive. Sometimes they even get ticked off! So what can be done to make them work harder, without destroying their spirit?

Hire A Motivational Speaker

When people are stuck in a rut, it’s often because they can’t see a path to a final goal or objective. They get bogged down in the day-to-day grind, beavering away in the trench, never popping their head above ground.

Motivational speakers can help elucidate these goals. Good speakers help employees see why what they’re doing is valuable. And they give them a sense of what they’re trying to achieve.

Good motivational speakers will also give employees the tools to maintain their focus and determination in the long run. It’s all about internalising the desire to do well and making that a part of everything they do. Once they’ve got the bug, you’ll have a far more productive business.

Encourage Open Dialogues

Often employees feel that they can’t communicate their needs in the office or be honest with coworkers about their work. That can lead to a sense of isolation and rarely leads to resolution.

Far better is to encourage an atmosphere of openness. This starts with the leadership. If the leadership can be open about how they feel about a particular project or process, then so too can the employees. Employees have to be able to feel as if their concerns are being taken on board if they’re going to feel motivated to work hard and solve problems.

Once you’ve established a harmonious working environment, you’ll find that things will change. Employees will have fewer reasons to take time off or shirk off work. If they have problems, they’ll be able to collaborate with the leadership to resolve those problems. And, ultimately, they’ll feel like they have the support to succeed.

Reward Employees

Successful leaders in business know that the secret to motivating people to work harder is gratitude. Grateful business leaders, who act as if they expect nothing from employees, are often the very individuals who have the most dedicated staff. Yes, you are paying employees. But the problem with money is that it is still very abstract. Most employees can’t separate economic relationships from personal relationships. There needs to be a relational human element in there that recognises the hard work that is being done.

Too many businesses fall into the trap of playing the blame game for why a project is delayed or why work sucks. But just putting pressure on employees probably isn’t enough to keep them working hard in the long run. They’ll end up hating their jobs and hating you.

How to motivate employees in the workplace

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