I had almost seem that some people ( Most properly the Juniors ) ask to the other persons that What is the working follow of any IT Company . so i have decide that i wanna share my knowledge and ¬†some research regrading this topic with you , so that might be help you and you will get the Idea about this industry. ūüôā


Note:- There are many small and medium software companies which do not follow above hierarchy and they have there own way of defining positions in the company. I think now you have get the idea for workflow of any IT Company , so after that main phase is come  and that is a Interview Process.

What is Interview ?

‚ÄúInterview is a contract between the employer and candidate to achieve specific goals.‚ÄĚ

Its very important during interview to be clear about what position you are targeting. Depending on what positions you are targeting the interviewer shoots you questions. Example if you are looking for a project manager position you will be asked around 20% technical questions and 80% management.

So employer is looking for a suitable candidate and candidate looks for a better career.¬†Normally in interviews the employer is very clear about what type of candidate he is¬†looking for.But 90% times the candidate is not clear about the positions he is looking for.¬†How many times it has happened with you that you have given a whole interview and¬†when you mentioned the position you are looking for…pat comes the answer, ‚Äú we do not¬†have any requirements for this position‚ÄĚ. So be clarified about the position right from¬†when you start the interview.

Following are the number of years of experience according to position.

Junior Engineers

Experience : 0 to 1 Years
Interviewer expects : Junior engineers are specially fresher and work under software engineers .Interviewer expects software engineers to be technically at a low level but he/she has to knowledge of basic programing/technology fundamentals .
Salary Bar in India : 5000 Р8000 Rs.
Salary Bar in US : 30000 Р40000 $ (Per Annum)

Software engineers

Experience : 1 to 2 Years
Interviewer expects : Software engineers have around 1 to 2 years of experience. Interviewer expects software engineers to be technically at a medium level.
Salary Bar in India : 10000 Р18000 Rs.
Salary Bar in US : 40000 Р50000 $ (Per Annum)

Senior Software Engineers

Experience : 2 to 4 Years
Interviewer expects :Senior Software Engineers have around 2 to 4 years of experience. Interviewer expects them to technically be very strong.
Salary Bar in India : 20000 Р30000 Rs.
Salary Bar in US : 50000 Р55000 $ (Per Annum)

Project leads

Experience : 4 to 8 Years
Interviewer expects :Project leads should handle majority technical aspect of project and should have around 4 to 8 years of experience. They are also indirect architect of the project. Interviewer expects them to be technically strong and in terms of architecture to be decent. Interviewer also expects them to have people management skills.
Salary Bar in India : 30000 Р55000 Rs.
Salary Bar in US : 55000 Р70000 $ (Per Annum)

Project Manager

Experience : Above 10 Years
Interviewer expects :Project Manager are expected to be around 40% technically strong and should have experience above 10 years plus. But they are more interviewed from aspect of project management, client interaction, people management, proposal preparation etc.
Salary Bar in India : 70000 To depend upon negotiation Rs.
Salary Bar in US : 70000 To depend upon negotiation $ (Per Annum)

Note: – The above US Salary card is based on some talk which I had with my friends who are staying on longer term basis outside. In case you are finding discrepancies please mail me at [email protected] probably we can standardize it
better for the community.

So now you have get the idea of where you are stand ūüėé , so just go ahead and thank you for your support .

Karan Sharma
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