About a decade ago, very few people had heard of SEO. It was written about in blogs like some revolutionary new marketing tactic that only the largest companies in the world could cash in on. These days however, it’s a much larger, competitive industry. Like any business owner, you’re probably losing sleep wondering how you can improve Search Engine Ranking. Here are three simple ways to get fast results.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

One of the first things that should be on your to-do list is cutting all of your thin content. If you’re wondering, “thin” content is basically any page that doesn’t have any unique text information. This can include tags pages, short ecommerce listings, or galleries with very brief captions. You may not be aware of it, but thin content can be extremely costly to your ranking and traffic. Barely anyone uses tag pages, so when Google’s crawlers see them your site will quickly be bumped down in its SERP. If you’re only just having an SEO clear-up, cutting out all of that content may feel a little counter-productive. However, when you cut out all your thin content, you’ll see an immediate improvement in your traffic.

Adding outgoing links to authority references is another great way to improve your ranking in a hurry. Go through some of the most popular articles on your site, and weave in some contextual links out to high-authority information banks. I’m not talking about Wikipedia here. This is way too obvious, and screams a lack of professionalism if any of your customers happen to click the link. Instead of this, you should go for the sources you’d trust yourself. Provided the link is relevant and natural, Google will take notice and bump you up. Giving your customers more opportunities to leave your website might feel like you’re going back on yourself. However, ask anyone who’s worked at an SEO company, and they’ll tell you this is a great traffic “hack”. Even if they don’t buy a thing, these links will give your brand more authority in the minds of your customers.

Improving your organic click through rate is also an incredibly effective way to improve your site ranking. We’ve seen a pretty big trend in the way Google has started determining a site’s relevance. These days, behavioural and engagement metrics are more relevant than ever. This is measured through bounce rates, time spent on site and other factors, but the most significant has got to be your click through rate. This is a ratio of people who see your listing and click on it opposed to those who don’t. The easiest way to improve this factor is probably working on your title tags and meta descriptions. This is the bulk of the content on SERPs, as well as the only thing your target audience will see when they search for your business. Don’t leave them as bland as some webmasters!

If your ranking’s getting you down, I hope this post has been a big help. Take these three steps, and you’ll see your traffic leap up faster than you’d believe!

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