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How To Improve Seo Ranking With Social Media

Improve Seo Ranking with Social Media

SEO and Social Media are tightly interlinked to each other. They are inbound and organic strategies, which mainly focus on building an engaging identity to attract natural visitors. Social media mostly relies on a high-quality content as well as on a strong, visual brand presence. All those efforts improve SEO ranking can improve your social media reach by double, and the high social media presence will result in a great search engine ranking.

Improve seo ranking

There are only a few search marketers, who will tell the exact thing about how a social media attention can improve SEO ranking. Most of the others leave out the topic. And this may happen due to their dough on if their social media strategy is effective or not.

So, by talking to experts and with my own researches, I have compiled this list of the social media practices which will help you improve SEO ranking standings on the search engine result pages.

Grow Your Number of Followers

A high number of active followers and social connections on your social media profiles makes a significant impact on your & improve Seo ranking. If you have 100 Twitter followers, then you cannot compete with a tech-giant having millions of Facebook likes and a million of Twitter active followers. This doesn’t mean that search bots like Google only give ranks based on the number of likes, shares or followers, but it really depends on the quality of your followers which are built organically.

Growing real followers is a long and tired process, but it is the most effective way as long as you are consistent and active. Put your brand’s updates through the same voice or visual to your users on a regular basis. Post useful articles, share helpful tips, make general discussions and yes, make some direct conversations with your followers too.

Build Links Directly with Your Social Channels

Every internet marketer knows that a high-quality link building always makes an effect on Google rankings. No matter what kind of link you are building, just build it in a natural way. As the social media sites have high authority on the web, so building links through the social media platform always an effective and impactful way.

Popular articles and stories can bring a high amount of traffic through social media, which gives you a great exposure and branding on the social platforms. A large increase in indirect links through social media is a great SEO benefit.

Create a Sharable and Searchable Content on Social Media

If you are a Pinterest user, then you should probably know that it is a great platform to make your content both searchable and shareable. Here, users can pin posts on their boards and share them with other Pinterest users, if they found it good and useful. Pinterest really encourages post sharing to a great extent.

You can also keep your content private or shareable to only a specific group of people, many social platforms give this facility. For example, you can create unlisted videos on YouTube, and only those people having links to the videos can watch them. Twitter allows you to have a personal Twitter profile. But if you are doing it for a business purpose, it is advisable and recommended that you create only public profiles and share content to the public. If more people can see your posts, there more chances that your post will be shared on more social profiles.

Keep Keyword Targeting in Your Posts and Articles

Whether you are posting on social media or on your website, keywords are an essential thing to be given consideration. To write a high-quality content, you need to do an in-depth keyword research first. Consider the keywords on which your top competitors are ranking and your scope of ranking on those keywords. Choose relative, high-quality and long tails keywords and create keyword reach content.

You can also use keywords as tags or pins or boards on social media sites. A great keyword research for YouTube can bring a high-quality and enormous traffic to not only your channel but also to your website or blog. You can get a help of the best keyword research tools to create in-depth keyword research. This thing makes sure that, when people search for the keywords, they find your posts and articles on top results.

Don’t Forget Local Market to Build Brand Awareness

If you want to become successful in the global market, the initial step is to rank higher in the local market. Put your business on local listings like Google+, which include your company or business address and other relevant details. This thing also lets your customer share their experience with you via business reviews. Google also recommends highest and genuine reviews for search rankings.

Also, make the map or nearby locations on your business Facebook or Twitter page. It will help to be popular in social media as well as helps your customer to find you on local maps. It is a great thing to meet market through local SEO.


The entire web network is all about building connections, creating brand awareness, showing your identity and sharing valuable ideas to the world. Using social media platforms as a part of an internet marketing is a highly valuable thing in itself, but it has a more potential to help you increase your SEO rankings. If you do not have a Twitter/Facebook account or a Google+ page, then you are surely missing out a crucial part of your marketing plan.

Social media is a great platform to spread your content, brand and site to the world. More people will know about you, your business, your brand, and service you offer. Social Signals are appearing as a great ranking factor in search engine results, as the most search engine bots consider the social influence and interaction of you and your business. If you want to get higher rankings on search results and want to improve your SEO, then get a significant impact on it through the use of Social Media.

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