Many website owners feel the Holy Grail of the Internet is driving lots of traffic to their sites and want to increase website traffic as soon as possible. Have you ever noticed that many websites have plenty of content but few people reading it? The sad truth is that’s a problem shared by many site owners.

They feel that, despite their best efforts, nobody wants to visit their site on a regular basis. Does that paint a familiar picture? If so, I feel your pain! The good news is you can do something about that problem. Here are some epic examples of how you can get returning visitors to your site and increase website traffic.

increase website traffic

By applying one or more of the following strategies, your bounce rate will drop!

Be a leader, not a follower

All too often people put the same old kinds of content on their sites that others do. Instead, add some epic content. The type of stuff that interests people the most! Don’t recycle existing material on the Web.

Make your content BIG

Most people are likely to read and share pages that have at least 1,000 words of content. If you’ve not got the time to devote to that cause, hire an online marketing company instead. They can make sure you have fresh yet in-depth content that your readers will love.

Make your headlines pack a punch

It doesn’t matter if you do a Google search or pick up a newspaper. The first thing that will always grab your attention are the headlines. Make sure yours pack a punch and don’t suck.

Create some beautiful infographics

One proven online marketing technique is to turn boring data into interesting infographics. Make sure you’ve got some on your site for people to read and share.

Market your site on other parts of the Web

It’s crucial you drive traffic from various organic sources. Examples include video (YouTube) and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

increase website traffic

Offer convenient ways for people to return

RSS feeds are one option. But if folks don’t even know what that means, offer to add them to your email newsletter list. You can then use services like MailChimp to deliver the latest news direct to their inbox.

Create a premium section on your site

That’s right: you can ask people to pay to become “premium” members of your site! Of course, you first need to offer them mouthwatering reasons to do so!

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

No-one likes to spend time working out how to navigate a website. If your layout is a mess, get your site overhauled. Make it easier for your audience to visit.

Make your site mobile-friendly

We’ve now reached a point where mobile search has overtaken desktops in Google. Be sure to optimize your site with a responsive design.

Reach out to prominent bloggers

Got something that might interest a top blogger on the Web? Reach out to them. It might surprise you by how many will share links to useful and relevant content on the Web. Even if that information is on commercial sites!

Karan Sharma
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