Are you tired of your normal 9 to 5 job? Well, they say a change is as good as a rest, so maybe it’s time for you to make a change. Quitting your job and going in an entirely new direction is a daunting prospect. And not everyone has the nerve of the confidence to actually go ahead and do it. But if your routine is not working for you and your routine bores you, it’s something you might have to do. Being bored in life is not a great way to live. Here are some more interesting ways of working that you might not have considered.

Starting Your Own Company

Starting your own business is one of the biggest challenges you can undertake. It’s not something that is going to suit everyone, but it can be a lot of fun. Bear in mind, most businesses that get started don’t last for very long. The market is ruthless, especially when you’re a beginner with no prior experience of running a business. Having said that, many small businesses with modest ambitions start up and find success on their terms each year. There’s no reason why your business can’t be one of them in 2017. You just need a good idea, a plan and the right funding to get it off the ground.

Interesting Ways of Working

Fly in fly out working, also known as FIFO, is pretty uncommon. Many people haven’t even heard of it. But it does offer you a way of working that you might not have considered before. It works by you going to a particular location, which is usually quite remote, in order to work. You then leave and go back to your normal life until you are required again. Regularly switching around your living arrangements like this keeps things interesting, and it certainly offers something different. FIFO support is on offer to people who need it too.



Freelancing is a little like starting your own business but on a smaller scale. Like starting your own business, you become your own boss because you work for yourself. But you still have to deal with clients and contracts. If you work in a creative profession, or you’re a writer, this could be the solution for you. Most people in entertainment and even journalism work as freelancers as well. There has been a big increase in the number of people working for themselves and freelancing in recent years. If you want some independence, it could be the solution for you.

Working Unsociable Hours

Interesting Ways Working stackbudddy

Working unsociable hours is unappealing to most people, but it works well for some. The major benefit of working in this way is that you tend to get paid more. So, if you work evenings and nights, you will probably get paid more than you would if you were doing the same job during the day. It’s something to consider if you want to change your schedule and work in an entirely different kind of way to what you are used to.

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