IoT Tech Expo took place on 10-11th February, 2016. A fascinating line-up of keynote speakers talked about topics such as IoT data security and smart cities.

IoT Tech Expo

The IoT Tech Expo for 2016 was held at Olympia London on 10-11th February. It attracted representatives from leading companies such as Vodafone, British Gas, LEGO, Barclays and Volvo who attendees were able to connect with during networking breaks.

The event focused on the connectivity of the Internet of Things and how it will be fully integrated into our world by 2050. Technologies such as the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite already allow businesses to harness value from the IoT, whilst preparing for the future capabilities of this innovation. However, the Tech Expo event gave a greater insight into how we will benefit from the utilization of IoT over the next few decades.

Data Security

A series of keynote and specialist speeches addressed the link between IoT and big data, with a specific emphasis being given to businesses concerns about data security. Simon Rice, Group Manager of Technology at the Information Commissioner’s Office, gave the keynote speech entitled ‘Data Is Everything’. He explained that the IoT industry must comply with data protection laws when collecting personal data. Although there can be confusion regarding what constitutes personal data and what doesn’t, Rice gave some examples. For instance, “with bridges, while data could be collected about the cars using it, vehicle registration data could be used to pinpoint the owner or driver and would therefore be considered personally identifiable information.”

He went on to explain that companies could lose up to 80% of their customers if they are implicated in a security breach, so it is certainly worth sitting up and taking note of the link between data security and IoT. Interestingly, data security and privacy concerns are seen as the second most important factor for IoT suppliers, but are only sixth on the list for IoT end users.

Smart Cities

In a look to the future, speakers from Liverpool and Leeds City Councils, as well as LSE and the Open University, gave us their vision of ‘the connected landscape across our smart cities’ in the next few years. Civic technology such as smart meters, utility meters, public transport and traffic lights will all be connected and be able to measure and provide big data insights online. Connected health care is a key concern of the smart cities movement, but disappointingly there was little information on this topic during the presentations. Instead there was a great focus on the environmental use of IoT and how it can assist in creating more sustainable and economic cities by building smart buildings and improving our quality of life.

Connected Living

As the connected home accounts for approximately 25% of the ‘IoT ecosystem’, Day 2 of the Expo was dedicated to exploring innovations in the ‘smart home’. Francois Girodolle, Head of European Product Partnerships at Nest gave a talk on ‘Creating A Thoughtful Home, One Product At A Time’. This focused on making energy-saving choices to benefit our own lives as well as protecting our planet. A later panel talk which featured representatives of EDF Energy, nPower and Dixons Retail dealt with the extent to which smart meters for utilities form a central component for the connected home.

If you missed the IoT Tech Expo this year, there will be another chance to be a part of this fascinating event as it will return to Olympia London on 23-24th January 2017. Register now to save £200 on your ticket price.

Karen Harding
Karen Harding is the marketing manager at Objective IT, one of the South East’s leading web and software development companies.
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