Today we are talking about the Jema Media network review, Jema Media network is one of popular ad serving advertisement network.

Jema Media

About Jema Media:

Jema Media was started in 2009 by industry experts looking to bring Advertisers and Publishers together to strengthen their online presence. We realize there are many choices in the PPC arena and we create loyalty by combining superior customer service and our proprietary click serving technology.

Advertiser Services :

PPC Campaign Management


· Run-of-Network (RON) – targets a vast audience for high-volume campaigns
· Keyword – use existing keyword list or have our account managers create one for you
· Geo: location targeting allows you to reach users in a specific country, region, or DMA


Evenly distribute the traffic throughout the day. Set the exact flight date for your campaign. You determine when your campaign starts and stops.

Reporting Tools

· Analyze campaign data in real time, with 24/7 access.

Advertiser Support

Dedicated Account Representatives

All advertisers are assigned to an experienced account representative. From assisting with complex customized reports to simple campaign creation, you can contact your account rep any time of day for all advertising needs.

Self Service Platform

There is no such thing as “9-5” in our industry. Jema Media provides round-the-clock access to your account. Analyze real-time campaign stats, adjust daily budgets, add funds and more…all at your convenience.

Jema Media Network Details :

Commission Type: PPC
Minimum Payment: N/A
Payment Frequency: NET30
Payment Method: Check
Country: US
Contact Email: Telephone: 480-699-2878

Please share your experience with us by commenting.

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