Your application and CV are quite often the first points of contact an employer has with you. It’s important to create a standout impression in order to distinguish yourself from the other candidates and not be shoved in the trashcan. Most of us already know the obvious reasons for being rejected (not enough experience, misspellings etc.). If you’re applying to jobs for which you’re qualified and your spelling and grammar is all perfect but you’re still not getting replies, here are some creative ideas that you could try to experiment with to make yourself more memorable.

Job Application Stand
Make your bio snappy

You may think that packing as much information into the personal introduction of your CV is going to make you seem keener and wiser. However, employers may get put off by a giant essay. Having to read through thirty applications is long and arduous work, and the applications that are too much effort to read may simply get skipped, regardless of whether you are right for the job or not. Be concise and to the point, limiting your bio to nothing more than ten lines. Say straight off the bat why you want the job and what makes you a suitable candidate. There’s no need to talk about your family background, hobbies or passions – keep it work-related.

Add colour

Most applicants will keep their CV to black and white. But this isn’t the fifties – no-one is writing with typewriters anymore. Embracing colour is a certain way to make your application jump out to an employer. You should keep colours strictly to headings and obviously not go too wild with multiple colours or gaudy shades such as pink and purple. However, don’t be too scared to get creative – think dark green headings when applying to an environmental job or dark blues for marine biology.

Provide links

With most applications now being read online, you can add hyperlinks to directly show off examples of your work. This could include personal blogs, articles you’ve written or been featured in, research you’ve published or been a part of, websites you’ve designed or information that you’ve read up on that you think is worth referencing. Feel free to post links to social media if it can relate to your work or personal achievements.

Hire a professional

If you’re not a writer and your job isn’t particularly writing-based, there’s nothing wrong with seeking help in a CV writing service. They will be able to provide glitzy templates and reword parts of your application to make the best impact. Just as you may have to pay for travel to an interview, this investment can be worth it if it means getting that dream job.

Show your personality

Whilst you should refrain from too much personal information, having a section of your CV at the end dedicated to personal achievements and interests can make you more relatable on a human level. All companies want someone who isn’t boring and who will brighten up the office. You should shout about what sports you’re into, what instruments you play, what languages you speak and any clubs you have a senior position in. Just steer clear of anything that could be construed as negative or controversial.

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