Strategic Human Resources Management, also referred to as SHRM, is a human resource management branch that links strategic objectives and goals with the human resources of an organization for the purpose of development and performance of business with the aim of growing the organization. When strategic human resource management is properly carried out, the company is able to become more competitive, flexible and innovative. A lot of companies have tried to implement strategic human resource management with little success due to some key issues. These key issues make it difficult for the organization to achieve its objectives and goals despite its efforts. Some of the issues that should be addressed when implementing strategic human resources management are discussed.

Strategic Human Resources :

Strategic Human Resources

Workplace Diversity

For an organization to be successful, it needs to be able to strategically management all its employees, who have different talents, which are manifested in their views, perspective and innovative ideas to work. It can be difficult managing all of these different talents. Furthermore, when the employees feel their talents are not being well utilized, they could decide to go with to a competitor firm. The ‘Think Global, Act Local’ Approach is sometimes used by human resource managers to address this issue. The employees would need to be given a certain level of freedom to express their selves, instead of being forced to follow only the way of the company. The Human Resource Dubai is made up of a significant number of foreigners, who have different culture, value and approach to work compared to the indigenes. This diversity has to be strategically managed to ensure that these diverse group of people are able to work together for a common goal. There are also facilities management services that offer strategic human resources management services that could be contracted by organizations.

Following Instructions

It can sometimes be difficult to get employees to follow certain instructions. This is especially so when the managers also flout such rules. In strategic human resource management, it is vital for human resource managers to also adhere to the instructions of the company first before expecting human resource Dubai or in other parts of the world to pay attention to such rules. If managers come late to work, it is also expected that employees would also come late to work too. If on the other hand, they are always early to work their employees would also be early to work.


Training is a very vital aspect of strategic human resource management. Staffs must be continuously trained based on new technologies and innovations in the industry. When staffs are being trained by their organization, they would be willing to practice those things they have learnt. They would also be happy with their job as would be obvious from their approach to work and the results they would be able to achieve. Organizations can use the services of facilities management services to properly train their staffs. Well trained staffs would boost the image of the company as the staffs would be able to deliver their job responsibilities efficiently.

Mark Long has related with Human Resources Dubai and a number of other countries in the world. He has also observed how the Facilities Management Services have enhanced staffs performance.
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