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How To Keep Laptop’s Battery Life Long – Best Tips

Laptops and netbooks are widely used for business related work and for studies. It allows working without connecting the mains cord to the supply outlet. The laptop draws power from the battery for its working when it is not connected to the mains. The laptop batteries usually provide power for up to 8 hours to allow seamless work. The tips to prolong the life of a laptop battery are discussed in detailed in this article.

Most of the professionals are complaining nowadays that their laptop batteries are getting drained faster and unable to work for more hours while on the move. The tips given below will help to prolong the battery life and help to work more hours on your laptop using the battery.

Adjust the brightness

You need to focus on the energy consumed by the laptop’s display. One of the simple ways to reduce power consumption by the laptop display is by reducing the brightness. You can make use of the Fn Key and the brightness key on the laptop to adjust the brightness of the display. You can also turn on and off the display using the Fn Key and LCD button on your laptop when you are not using the computer for some time.

You can also make use of the mobility center of Windows to gradually reduce or increase screen brightness. It can be activated by using Windows Key and X key together on Windows 7 OS laptops. On Windows 8 PCs, you can open the power user menu using Windows Key and X key together.

You can also set the screen to the dim position when you are away from the laptop for say 10 minutes or more to save power. You can open the control panel, click on system and security and then click on battery settings. You can find an option to adjust the screen brightness. You can either increase or reduce the screen brightness using the horizontal slider button. You can set the brightness to low using the mouse to save laptop battery power and work longer.

You can still watch the videos using the media player by reducing brightness and saving power.

Adjust The Power Options In The Control Panel To Save Laptop Battery

Laptop's Battery Life Long

You can find Power Saver and balanced mode in the power settings. In the balanced mode, you will have the option to dim the display from say 1 minute to 5 hours or never. You can adjust the dim setting according to your needs. You can also turn off the display say after five minutes, 10 minutes etc. The balanced mode also allows setting the computer to sleep mode after say 15 minutes, 30 minutes etc to save laptop power.

You can also find the same settings in the power saver mode to adjust the settings to save power.

Save Power By Disabling Bluetooth And Other Hardware Devices

Keep Laptop's Battery Life Long

Advanced power settings in the control panel allow setting power saving options for the wireless adapter, USB, PCI Express, processor, and multimedia etc.

Some of the laptops are equipped with IR port and Bluetooth, wireless options. You can save power by disabling these functions when not in use. Disabling Bluetooth from the keyboard is very simple. You just need to press Fn key and Bluetooth button together to disable for saving power.

If you are not using WiFi, you can disable the WiFi by pressing Fn Key and WiFi key together. However, you can turn on the WiFi to utilize inflight WiFI during travel. You can also disable the WiFi adapter in the control panel to save laptop battery.

Run Troubleshooting

Run Troubleshooting

Make use of Power-Troubleshooter Option in Windows 7 and Windows 8 to scan for battery drains. The troubleshooting tool fixes the problems automatically and improves your battery life.

Disable Screen Savers

You need not screensavers on modern laptops. It simply consumes power. You can disable screen saver and extend battery life.

Stop Background Tasks

Stop Background Tasks

You need to prevent unwanted programs running in the background.  You can enter the system tray, check unwanted programs and uninstall them to save power. You can also use MSConfig to prevent running of unwanted programs at startup. You can check the CPU usage and reduce it to save energy. You can make use of lightweight programs to reduce less reliance on system resources.

Reduce RAM Usage

It is suggested to reduce RAM usage and move some of the files to hard disk. You can also consider upgrading your Laptop’s RAM and freeing the RAM usage. You can find important information about RAM usage and system resources usage using Task Manager.

Hibernate Your Computer To Save Power

Hibernating of your computer is advised to save the system state and power off the laptop.  It saves the laptop power. In the sleep mode, your computer will still use some power.

Check Charging

If your computer is not charging, you can try cleaning the contacts of the battery using a cotton swab.  However, you are advised to work carefully to prevent damage to the contacts.

Switch Hard Disk

You can consider your laptop hard disk to energy efficient SSD to reduce power usage.

The windows OS informs you about when to replace the battery to ensure the consistent working of your laptop. If your computer is switching off immediately when working on battery, it is time to replace the battery. You can consult your laptop manual to find the battery model of your laptop. You can buy the same model or equivalent model from online stores. It is advised to check the voltage rating and current rating of the new substitute model if the same model is not available. Most of the standard companies like Samsung, Dell and HP make it available good quality laptop batteries at online stores or authorized service centers.

You need to switch off the laptop and remove the power cord from the mains. You need to unplug the battery slowly from the laptop and insert a new battery with correct polarity to prevent bending of contacts.

You should always buy genuine batteries for your laptop to prevent health hazards.

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