Most of the young people who are making up the future generations of workers tend to think about one path to a career. So we have prepaid list of skilled trades. Most believe that a degree in further education is essential to a good work life. But how true is that? The fact is that there are several routes to go without saddling yourself with the student debt that follows a degree. Here, we take a look at some of the underrepresented industries that will have need of skilled workers in the very near future.



Manufacturing remains one of the cornerstones of the economy. However, we’re seeing fewer qualified workers get into the industry each year. Whilst some positions require engineering degrees, some only require developing the skill to work. For example, scientific molding classes can potentially lead to careers in plastic injection molding.



Considered one of the less glamourous skilled trades, plumbing is also one of the trades with the highest job satisfaction. Whether it’s working in construction, domestic plumbing or as a drain specialist. If you have a good ability for dealing with people, plumbing’s an easy way to start your own business as well. Of all industries, few offer as much freedom in terms of location and employer. So long as you have the skills, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be out of job in this industry.



Much of what can be said for plumbers also counts for electricians. With an hourly rate that only tends to go upward of the standard living wage, it’s also a comfortably paid industry. It’s also not as risky as one might expect. To land a job as an electrician, you are going to be tested on your competency, how you use your tools and your safety practices. So if you get that far, you will already know how to keep yourself safe as possible.



Not considered as physically labour intensive as the other options on the list, but still hard, honest work. Nursing is seeing a future crisis in the number of trainees at the moment. Nursing is perfect for those who still want to help people even if they don’t have a medical degree.


Home health and care

Another industry that is starting to fret about fewer people joining Is home health and care. Becoming a carer is not easy. It requires patience and a generous temperament. It is a demanding job that can ask you to sacrifice some of your personal freedoms. However, there are few considered more gratifying. If you want to make a noticeable difference to someone’s life, this is an obvious way.

list of skilled trades


Construction is another of the trades that is in need of more workers. Finding work in construction can be a matter of knowing the right place to look, so it may not always be easy. However, it’s also a job that makes use of a diverse range of skills. If you’re good with your hands, every new skill you learn can make you all the more employable.

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