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List of SEI CMMI Level 5 Companies & Agile Process In India

Updated on : 21-July-2017

In this article, We are discussing what are the Cmmi Level 5 Companies List In India and what does the CMMI process and agile works.

CMMI Level 5 Companies

What does SEI CMMI Level 5 Companies mean ?

SEI CMM or The Capability Maturity Model for Software is a model for judging the maturity of the software processes of an organization & for identifying the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of these processes.

SEI CMMI LEVEL 5 companies are optimizing software company which perform error analysis & process monitoring for continuous process improvement. These company analyse the innovation and new technologies & intend to optimize the current processes in the industry.

The SEI- CMM level 5 helps you ensure that your software processes capabilities are known and the organization has the ability to assess and improve processes continuously for improved results. This translated into tangible benefits for the customer including low project risk, on time on budget deliveries, minimal defect rate, high process visibility and enhanced customer satisfaction.  In simple word You can think of it as a company which follow set guidelines & rules for doing their job


Level 1 – characterized by chaos, periodic panics, and heroic efforts required by individuals to successfully complete projects. Few if any processes in place; successes may not be repeatable.

Level 2 – software project tracking, requirements management, realistic planning, and configuration management processes are in place; successful practices can be repeated.

Level 3 – standard software development and maintenance processes are integrated throughout an organization; a Software Engineering Process Group is in place to oversee software processes, and training programs are used to ensure understanding and compliance.

Level 4 – metrics are used to track productivity, processes, and products. Project performance is predictable, and quality is consistently high.

Level 5 – the focus is on continuous process improvement. The impact of new processes and technologies can be predicted and effectively implemented when required.

Here are the list of some CMMI level 5 companies in india.

1      ANZ Operations & Technology Private LimitedBangalore
2     Applitech Solution Limited Ahmedabad
3     CBS India Chennai/Bangalore
4     CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Private Ltd Bangalore
5     CG-Smith Software Limited Bangalore
6     Citicorp Overseas Software Limited Mumbai
7     Cognizant Technology Solutions Bangalore
8     Covansys India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
9     DCM Technologies Hyderabad
10   Engineering Analysis Center of Excellence Pvt. Ltd. (EACoE) Bangalore
11    FCG Software Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
12   Future Software Ltd Chennai
13   HCL Perot Systems Noida/Bangalore
14   HCL Technologies Limited Chennai
15   Hewlett Packard India Software Operations Limited Bangalore
16   Hexaware Technologies Limited Chennai and Mumbai
17   Honeywell India S/w Operations Bangalore
18   Hughes Software Systems Bangalore
19   IBM Global Services Bangalore
20  i-flex solutions limited, IT Services Divisions Mumbai and Bangalore
21   Information Technologies (India) Ltd. New Delhi
22  Infosys Technologies Limited Bangalore
23  InfoTech Enterprises Limited Hyderabad
24  Intergraph Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
25  International Computers (India) Ltd., Pune/Mumbai
26  ITC Infotech Ltd. Bangalore
27  Intelligroup Asia PVT.Ltd., Hyderabad
28  IT Solutions (India) Private Limited Bangalore and Chennai
29  Kshema technologies Ltd Bangalore
30  Larsen & Turbo Infotech Limited, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai
31  LG Soft India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
32  MphasiS-BFL Limited Bangalore
33  Mastek Limited Mumbai
34  Motorola India Electronics Ltd., Bangalore
35  Network Systems & Technologies (P) Ltd., Trivandrum
36  NIIT, Software Solutions Bangalore
37  NeST Information Technology (P) Ltd.,
38  Patni Computer Systems Ltd Mumbai
39  Philips Software Centre Private Bangalore
40  Phoenix Global Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
41   Sasken Communication Technologies Limited. Bangalore
42  Satyam Computer Services Ltd. Hyderabad
43  SignalTree Solutions (India) Ltd. Hyderabad
44  SkyTECH Solutions Pvt Ltd. Kolkata and Mumbai,
45  Sobha Renaissance Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
46  Sonata Software Limited Bangalore
47  SSI Technologies Chennai
48  Syntel, Inc. (India)
49  Siemens Information Systems Ltd., Bangalore
50 Tata Consultancy Services Bangalore
51  Tata Elxsi Limited Bangalore
52  Tata Interactive Systems Mohali
53  TCG Software Services Pvt. Ltd Calcutta
54  Trigyn Technologies Ltd., Mumbai
55  Wipro Technologies Bangalore
56  Software Paradigms(I) Pvt.Ltd Mysore
57  Robert Bosch India Limited Bangalore
58  LG CNS Global Pvt.Ltd Bangalore/Delhi
59  Xicron Technology (
60  NSE.IT Limited
61 Marlabs inc

How to check CMM level & cmmi process of an IT company. Is there any website to check the CMM level of an IT company?

You can check it from the below website.

If you have any suggestion then please leave your comment  .

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