There are a lot of people who have the skills to dip into a number of different markets, but they have difficulty pinning down any one position. There are others who are simply looking for a new direction but have been stuck in the same position for so long, they’re not sure what direction to move in. That’s why we’re going to share the following tips that will not only help expose you to a variety of industries but can help you find success in getting into almost any of them.

Succeed In Literally Any Career

Shake those hands

If you’ve read about being forward-thinking in your job search, you will have been told to network before. But networking isn’t just about getting cosy with the right people in the right place. Networking with everyone you can at every opportunity can have huge benefits. For one, you’re going to learn a lot about professional etiquette and how the nature of business relationships work. You’ll discover how to brand and sell yourself to people, marketing knowledge that can go further afield. But most importantly for someone hungry to make some leeway in any direction, you’ll be growing a professional network of your own that can help you spot and be the first to learn about opportunities from those friendly faces you meet.

Develop the skills that every industry needs

Industries have specializations that require some employees to know the technical meat of the business. Software companies are going to need to have software engineers and so on and so forth. But there are certain skills that are going to be of use in just about every industry imaginable. We’re talking about skills like sales training, management ability, and team leadership. Being able to demonstrate a style of management and selling it to fit the individual needs of a business can help you find your way into the business-centric niche that most companies need to hold all those specialists together.

Learn the art of the application

An application and the following interview are more than just a query to find what skills you can offer a business. They’re a test in themselves. Submitting a resume, for instance, is showing your ability to sell yourself, and thus sell anything, as well as fitting it to the specific needs of a business. If you specialize your resume and edit it for every position you’re entering, then you’re probably being too generic with it. Similarly, if you’re not coming to an interview prepared with some questions and investigations of your own, then you’re showing no creative thought or investment into the task you’re undertaking. Most employers look at the whole process of the application, not just the information you produce during it. Remember that.

There’s no doubt that a lot of industry positions are going to need some specialized skills. But proximity to those industries in any position can help you get closer to building the career you want. Don’t just work on the technical skills, the hard skills, but build the kind of resume that will look impressive just about anywhere.

Karan Sharma
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