It’s no secret that most people keep some pets at home. From dogs and cats to exotic animals like snakes, they get given a comfortable life by their owners. The thing is, pet owners sometimes need help from pet services companies. The help needed ranges from medical care through to boarding services.

As you can imagine, the pet services industry is quite an active and lucrative one. It’s also an industry seldom affected by recessions, making it a good choice for many. Of course, animal lovers will also enjoy running businesses in the industry. Here are five examples of the most profitable enterprises you can set up in the pet services industry:

Lucrative Business Startup Ideas

Pet Photography

Many pet owners love to take pictures of their beloved animals. Some might even take the occasional ‘selfie’ with them! Others might prefer some professional photographs of them.

Many photographers specialize in pet photography. It’s a niche market but a profitable one too. To set up such a business, you’ll naturally need to have excellent photography skills. Other requirements include having a good camera setup and being comfortable working with animals.

Dog Boarding And Catteries

One of the most used services in the industry is dog boarding and catteries. Most folks need someone to look after their pets while they go away on vacation. Sure, they could ask their family or friends to do that. But, it’s more convenient to pay a professional to look after their pets for them.

To set up a dog boarding and cattery service, you’ll need purpose-built premises. They must also be secure, clean at all times and provide shelter from the weather. And, of course, you must prove to your clients that you have adequate insurance cover.

Pet Accessories

As with humans, pets can also enjoy accessories. From bedding and blankets to toys and collars, it’s a vast niche market. And one that boasts plenty of profit potential, as you might expect!

Some people choose to sell pet accessories from a retail store. Others may opt for an Internet-only enterprise. You can also do a mixture of the two for increased profitability. Pet accessories are lucrative and easy to sell products that offer high profits.

Dog Grooming

Most owners will attempt to wash and groom their pet dogs at home. After all; the cost is free, apart from what you’d pay for a brush and a bottle of dog shampoo!

The thing is, dog grooming is a service getting used by more people due to their busy lives. Setting up such a business is easy. An online dog grooming course can teach you the fundamentals. Apart from that, you just need the premises and the equipment to groom each client’s dog.

Pet Sitting

I’ve talked about how some people pay to have their dogs and cats looked after while they go away. But, what if the owners need to go away for just a few hours during the day? For instance, they might want someone to look after their pets while they’re at work.

A pet sitting service offers a real option to those pet owners. It’s important that you are comfortable looking after certain types of pets. Plus, you should also be an animal lover and have indemnity insurance cover.

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