If you are a dental assistant career, you have a rosy future ahead of you, according to reports. The BLS states that opportunities are rising every year, and are expected to be up 18 percent by 2024. It makes a lot of sense – more people than ever are becoming aware of the importance of good dental health. But, as a dental assistant, how can you make the most of these opportunities? Let’s take a look at a few excellent tips.

Dental Assistant Career

Dental Assistant Career

Get the best training

As with all medical careers, you will have the best prospects with the best training. If you are new to the dental assistant game, then you first need to find out about the requirements. Sites like edentalassistant.com can help you out here, so get reading and form your learning plan. Of course, in some states, you don’t need any training to get a job as a dental assistant. However, if you want to push yourself and make the most out of your career, it’s best to get those qualifications wherever possible.

Always learn

There are new developments in dental treatment that occur every year. It’s essential that you understand how to use new equipment and devices, so always be ready for more training opportunities. The more knowledge you have, the more appealing you will be to prospective employers. Dentists are far more likely to choose assistants who are ready to go straight away than someone they have to train.

Don’t be shy

Don’t be backwards about coming forwards. There will be opportunities for progression, either in your practice or another. So, always put yourself forward for anything that might spring up. Need more confidence? Sites like mindtools.org can help. There are other areas that you can look into, too. Practice management or expanding your role to looking after the office are all viable if you have the skills. Who knows, if you have a head for figures, you might even end up helping the finance department.


If you get the opportunity to go to any dental conventions, make sure you take them! They can be a great place for networking with others, and you never know who you might meet. Head over to the American Dental Assistants Association for more details. You may even get the opportunity to speak at one of their events in the future. But, again, it’s all about putting yourself forward to ensure you get the opportunity.

Be nice

It sounds obvious, but being nice can win you a lot of approval. If your patients are happy to come and see you, that will reflect well on your practice. And, your dentist or practice owner will also see the positive effect you have. It will help you feel like more of an asset to your practice, and you should see some reward for your efforts.

So, there you have it – all the ingredients for success as a dentist’s assistant. It’s a great career, with lots of different opportunities for success. Think you can make a little more out of your dental assistant job? Let us know your thoughts and join in with the conversation!

Karan Sharma
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