In recent times there has been a growing need of headhunters, recruiters, HR managers/executives, talent acquisition experts and assistants in all companies whether large or small. Recruiting new officials is a huge task with scanning through all the resumes and interviewing a large number of them within a short time and also asking meaningful questions within this short span to ensure they are fit for the job profile in question and would promote essential growth for the hiring company.

How to be a successful HR leaders ?

Different people measure success differently, it depends on what they think is the most important thing in order to be regarded as successful. So it is evident that your definition of success might be different from the other people around you. Most people define success in the following way:

  • How much you make, i.e. your pay scale
  • Reputation
  • The amount of recognition from your peers
  • Job position or title
  • Making a difference
  • Realizing that you are well respected
  • Promoting success and development of the business organization that you work for

To be successful in the HR industry one needs to be a specialized trained professional with in-depth knowledge of determining the skills of an individual that is right for the job. And this is very much required to save productive time of the top level personnel as well as the company and also allows in making the best decision in matters of acquisition of new employees suitable for the company who would be there for the long haul and would promote significant growth.

Usually the requirements and skills for prospective HR executives can be listed as follows:

–        Candidates with fluency in English

–        Good communication skills (both oral and in writing)

–        Knowledge of local dialect or foreign languages will have added preference

–        Graduate with specialization/diploma in HR or MBA in HR

–        Expertise in the pertaining field of about 1-2 years

–        Experience in administrative tasks and coordination for any renowned company

–        Ability to work independently with correspondence from the company

–        Good understanding of requirements for job profiles and ability to choose right candidates

Basic job responsibilities with the HR profession can be listed as below:

  • Managing employee relations so as to ensure the organization and its staff have a well managed professional relationship within the appropriate framework.
  • Managing performance and reward systems by making sure the rewards such as salary and benefits are being delivered fairly and timely. Identifying and rewarding skilled and experienced workers accordingly.
  • Making sure that all the workers at the different levels have the best suitable skills that will contribute to the company’s success and help meet its long-term ambitions.

Tips for being successful in the HR profession:

  • Be a decisive person who analyzes information quickly and makes informed robust decisions fast.
  • Have ability to influence and gain commitment from different employees for the benefit and growth of the organization.
  • Be organized and collaborative and have the ability to work with a wide range of people both within and outside the company.
  • Have personal credibility in handling HR and commercial issues independently with the ability to make professional decisions.
  • Be confident and courageous enough to speak up even in unfamiliar conditions and to challenge when met with resistance.
  • Be inquisitive and keep an open mind being keen only on the growth of one’s company.
  • Be resourceful, focused and determined to deliver the best results for your organization.
  • Be a good presenter, a good presentation skill allows people to grab the attention of others and keep them engaged in the announcement or presentation. This is key to deliver the message in a positive manner.
  • Be innovative, to be a successful HR leaders you need to be innovative and possess the ability to think outside the box. Each and every issue you come across will not have the same or an easy solution, so keep your mind open and expect challenges to be able to deliver the best possible solutions for your employees.
  • Be a good delegator, a successful HR manager understands that it is not possible for one single person to take care of all the responsibilities. So the key to be a successful HR manager is to know hot delegate the work into your team members in order to be a good leader and allow them to learn and grow into becoming a professional.


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