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How To Get Good Money And Job Satisfaction

It’s the Holy Grail. A job that pays well that you can’t wait to get up for in the morning.

But earning a good salary and feeling content in your workplace might not be as mythical as you think. Here’s how to land a job you love that pays well, too.

Job SatisfactionHelp people

Recruitment experts Payscale.com surveyed professionals to find the most meaningful jobs that pay well. And the top spots all come from the medical industry, with neurosurgeon ($381,500 a year), cardiothoracic surgeon ($353,900 a year) and anesthesiologist ($283,600 a year) coming first, second and third.

Katie Bardaro, Payscale’s lead economist, says, “These medical professions are No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 on the list because they earn a large amount of money relative to the average worker and about 90% or more feel as if their job contributes to making the world a better place, significantly so.”

Other jobs in the medical field that offer good money and job satisfaction include midwives who earn $85,200 a year. (98% thought their job was meaningful.)

Help peopleBecome a consultant

If you’ve accumulated enough work and life experience to be an industry expert, you could consult. Consultants enjoy the freedom of not been tied into long-term contracts and can put a price on their expertise. And because it’s freelance rate, expect to make considerably more than the equivalent if employed by a company. Before jumping ship, read our Essential Questions For How To Choose A Career.

Become a consultant

Make stuff

The construction industry offers a wide variety of jobs, room to make good money, and feel satisfied. After comparing nine different surveys into job satisfaction, The Guardian discovered that engineers are happiest. One chuffed engineer, Stuart Berry, a tooling engineer at Brandauer, enjoys “coming up with new designs that offer solutions to industry problems – and seeing my designs transferred into a commercial reality.”

Even joiners and tradespeople who get to build stuff enjoy higher than average wages and, if self-employed, flexible working hours and the ability to claim tax on expenses such as tools. (All ways to job satisfaction.) And if you get to senior construction consultant manager level, you can make $122,300 a year. (They’re no. 8 on Payscale’s list.)

construction industryWork with animals

It’s a no-brainer. Animals are cute, and veterinarians enjoy the bonus of helping them back to good health. Vets make good money, too. Coming in a number 16 on Payscale’s list, you can earn $73,500 a year as a vet. And 89% of those surveyed felt their job was meaningful.  


After exploring the college degrees that led to the most satisfying careers, Business Insider found that teaching came out top. In particular, early-childhood education, where 77% find their job satisfying.

And it makes sense. Teaching ticks all the happiness boxes. You get to make the world a better place. Work with – and improve the lives of – children. And enjoy plenty of job opportunities. Plus, when you take into account holiday time, mid-career pay of £30K (going up to £100K+ for head teachers), it suddenly sounds pretty good. Teachers can search for job opportunities on sites such as Simply Education.

If you’re looking to move into a career that pays well and gives you job satisfaction, think about all the work and life skills you’ve accumulated. When you write them down, you might just find you can transfer these skills into the jobs above. And that dream job could be closer than you thought.

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