There was a staggering 4500 work related deaths in 2013. Most of these deaths occurred in industries and fields that are considered high risk. But that still doesn’t make that figure any less shocking. What’s more surprising is the jobs that rank in the top ten most dangerous jobs in the US. This list includes careers in the commercial travel industry as well as agriculture and logistics. Is this something you should be considering when you pick your career? It’s certainly worth thinking about. Particularly, when you realize that the most dangerous jobs aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest pay. Let’s look at some of the examples on the list and think about why these jobs are so dangerous.

Most Dangerous Jobs In The US


Most Dangerous Jobs In The US

There were 77 deaths in the logging industry over the last year. You might think that number is quite small. Particularly, when you consider that the that’s only around 100 for every 100,000 workers. But it’s still shocking to think that many people are dying simply by doing their job. Dangers in the logging industry commonly occur because workers are at high altitudes. As well as this, there are dangers of working in poor weather conditions and falling victim to negligence. It’s difficult to make an outside area completely safe and secure. Particularly when working with heavy equipment. Still, if there are this many deaths occurring it might be time for logging business owners to accept accountability. We need to be doing more to protect the workers in this field.

As well as this there’s the issue of pay. The annual salary for logging is just over thirty-five thousand. That’s well under the national average for jobs that are significantly less dangerous.



Fisherman have taken on a dangerous job. It’s their role to go out on a shipping vessel with just under a hundred men. They’ll then work to catch as many fish as they can. They must do this without incorporating controversial methods such as dynamite fishing. So what makes this job so dangerous? Well, there’s an old saying. The worst things happen at sea. While sailors may dispute this, there is some evidence to support that claim. The number of boats that sink or that are damaged during a fishing trip is quite alarming. It’s one of the reasons why insurance companies make millions on fishing businesses. Then there’s the big heavy and often complex machinery involved. If equipment on a fishing boat malfunctions, workers could be in danger.

But again, this job on average will earn you less than thirty-five thousand loggers get. Despite the fact that it has a mortality rate of 80 for every 100,000 workers.

Lorry Driving


Lorry drivers work long hours traveling from A to B. They are often also working on a deadline. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this job presents an inherent danger. Suffering from Fatigue is common in lorry drivers. But if they are working on a schedule, they might push beyond their limit. At that point accidents can and will happen. You can read more about lorry accidents online at But it’s not just negligence that makes driving a lorry dangerous. You can also suffer the consequences of mistakes that other drivers make on the road. It’s easy to think that lorry drivers are the cause of the problem. But if another car isn’t paying attention the driver could cause the lorry to crash. As well as that there are truck hijackings. While not as common as road accidents, they still present a danger to truck drivers. If a lorry is driving down a largely deserted road, there’s not much stopping a car forcing it to pull over.

For lorry drivers, the danger is significantly less. There are only 24 fatalities for every 100,000 workers. That said, this still means there have been 824 deaths over one year. That’s a shocking number, and again these workers aren’t being paid much above the national average wage.

Iron And Steel


Are you working in the iron or steel industry? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the mortality rate is lower than the rest of the examples here. There were only 25.2 per hundred thousand workers and fifteen in total. Steelworkers also earn a lot more than the aforementioned jobs on this list at 48,000 on average. But that said, it’s difficult to ignore that these workers are still completing a dangerous job. While we’re only measuring deaths, we’d imagine injury cases are a lot higher. Particularly, due to injuries being caused by slips, trips, and falls. Not only are workers in this industry using heavy and dangerous machinery, but they are also lifting heavy items. We can only imagine the dangers that they face every day they walk into work in the morning.

It’s worth thinking about next time you head to your reasonably safe office.

Air Pilots And Engineers


Statistically, flying is safer than driving. That’s why it’s peculiar to learn that aircraft pilots have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. There have been 81 deaths over a year in total which is 63 per 100,000 workers. The good news for air pilots is that the salary more than makes up for it. You can earn as much as 150,000 working as an air pilot. That’s well over what most people make. In fact, it’s over triple every other job salary on this list. Still, being a pilot is dangerous. While many pilots are probably terrified of hijackings, that’s obviously not the main cause of the mortality rate. Most deaths are caused by mechanical failures, bad weather conditions, and simple human error. Landing a plane isn’t quite as easy as it looks. In fact, it takes considerable skill and a great deal of training. That’s probably not something you want to consider next time your plane is about to touch down on holiday.

Another fun fact about flying is that many of the safety procedures are not designed to save lives. If a plane crashes putting your head forward will not save your life. But it will keep you calm just before the final impact. If a plane crashes in water, the chances of survival are virtually zero.

We hope you have found this post interesting and now you have idea about Most Dangerous Jobs In The US.You might want to think about these facts before you pick your career.

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