I had seems that many people said that they are getting Nop.Admin folders into the user side (Nop.Web ) folders when they will deploy their NopCommerece  project ,  so here I am share one common mistake that most of people done when they develop their project.


The above issue was caused because of invalid references , If you had apply some invalid reference in your project at that time you will get some extra folders at your user side. So how we will resolve this issues, below is the detail information about it, maybe it will help you to overcome with situation.

Just Open your project and open your solution explorer,After that just find out the below path.

Presentation => Nop.Web => References

NopCommerec Issue

And try to find Nop.Admin file in it , if you will get that then just remove it and try to build and deploy again,Now you can see that you didn’t found the extra folders into the user side.

NopCommerce issues resloved

Video Tutorial:

If you still facing the same issue then please check out the below video, it might be help you to understand the above tutorial in easy manner.

If you find any difficulty or you have any question then just free feel to ask me, I will try to response as soon as possible. Just leave your comment.

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