It’s common knowledge that butterflies seem to appear out of nowhere in your stomach when you are about to heading for a job interview & how to preparing for a job interview , or that tell tale bile taste in your mouth foretelling an attack of nausea. While an innate sense of confidence is necessary to get through an interview successfully, so is an outer good sense of dressing and confidence in how well you’re dressed for the interview.

Preparing For a Job Interview

Here are a few guidelines & Tips preparing for a job interview

How To Dress For The Big Day

It might feel too many details, but every tiny part of your outfit is important. First of all, find out the work atmosphere of the company you’re being interviewed for.

Decide if it’s more of a casual environment, or a strict, professional, dress code entailing environment.

For the former, an un-tucked dress shirt and slacks/ khaki trousers would do the trick. While for the latter, a little more effort is required.

Opt for a carefully chosen suit of dark solid colors with a lighter dress shirt, plain or with a neat small pattern, with leather shoes, and an immaculate tie. The combination of suit and dress shirt is a critical one and one that needs much thought. For darker solid colored suits, go with lighter shades of well-fitted, custom made dress shirts, while for lighter suits, go for darker dress shirts. Try to avoid patterned suits as they would seem too fancy for such an occasion. However, for dress shirts, you can choose more delicate patterns.

The material of the dress shirt and suit is very important. For the suit, it must be natural fabric that lasts longer and is more economical in the long run rather than blends. And for dress shirts, buy custom made dress shirts that are tailored to fit you well, and are made of crisp and neat material. The suit must have a single breast pocket and try to not wear black suits for job interviews.

When it comes to ties, choose classy and traditional silk ties with dotted or striped patterns. Go for darker and more neutral colors and avoid flashy ties.

Try to buy laced leather shoes instead of ones with buckles, in order to achieve a more groomed look. Maintain your shoes by polishing and cleaning them well.

How To Groom Yourself For The Interview

In order to look as good as your suit, remember to get a good haircut, making sure your hair isn’t too long or covering your ears. Maintain your facial hair by shaving before the big day.

Accessorize yourself accordingly and wear a watch. Do not go into an interview with any sort of piercings, thereby reducing your chances of making it through successfully.

Next time you have an important interview to prepare for, remember to dress well to boost your confidence and look sharp.

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Emmy Jeni boarding school toughie that went on to study Politics, discovered writing by luck and has never looked back since. Currently writing for and big believer that travel, good books food, fashion and TV are a few essentials in life.

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