In the light of looming unemployment risks for those with degrees, there is a growing concern. That many with the qualifications they thought they needed won’t be able to work in the industries they’ve trained for. One of the other options open to them is the path of teaching career. Teaching is a career that has played a fundamental role in our society from its inception. In this article, we’re going to look at what you need to be a teacher, as well as why or why not to do it.

Teaching Career

The preparation you need for Teaching Career

Of course, you won’t be ready to start teaching others as soon as you become qualified in your subject. The knowledge alone isn’t enough. You also need the skills to be able to pass that knowledge on to others in a teaching environment. A lot of these skills can be learned in teaching credential programs. But you might also want to think about the soft skills you are personally going to need to succeed in the field. Skills like excellent written and verbal communication. Confidence and organizational skills. The ability to demonstrate authority. Of course, good social skills and an enjoyment of working with others is absolutely essential. Don’t just look at your credentials but also your personality when making the decision to get into the career of teaching.

The pros

Teaching Career Jobs

The most obvious pro at the start of it all is considering the kind of impact you are making in the world. As a good teacher, you will be able to educate and influence. To make the world a better place by passing your skills and knowledge on to the rising generation. It also has plenty of more tangible benefits for you. Benefits like healthcare and pension which are becoming more scarce in other working environments. A stable paycheck is another one of those benefits. It even helps you become more of an expert in your subject of choice. The questioning environment of the classroom opens up all kinds of new ways to look at your expertise.

The cons

teaching as a career

No job is all benefits, however. There are drawbacks that need to be considered whatever it is you choose to do. That’s no different for teachers. One of the key disadvantages of becoming a teacher is that, given the high level of commitment, there is still relatively low pay in return. Working conditions also take a hit. Not everyone is suited to the role of disciplining children or students, even getting involved in their home life and learning. Furthermore, teachers are under a high degree of scrutiny. Pairing high standards with a high level commitment and low pay, are real reasons that dissuade many from getting into the industry. If you want to become a teacher, you need to have a passion for it at the ready.

There are plenty of both pros and cons to consider. As well as commitment and investment of time and effort it will take you. Hopefully this article has helped you think a little more clearly about the thought of teaching career.


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