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Qadabra Review : Advertising Network

Today we are talking about the Qadabra Review the Best Revenue Share Advertising Network. The network is one of great ad serving advertisement network.

Qadabra Review

About Qadabra :

This is a self-serve ad platform created for site owners looking to earn from their site traffic through performance based advertising.

What Qadabra gives you…

  • Optimization: Built in automated optimization algorithm
  • Rates: Performance based ads ensuring best competitive rates
  • Global Ad Coverage: Access to advertisers worldwide, no country is left out
  • Impressions: No minimum impression volume
  • Payments: $1 minimum payment threshold
  • Implementation: Just copy & paste the tag to your site
  • Auditing: View banners immediately after implementation
  • Tracking: Intuitive dashboard to keep track of your results
  • Human touch: Team of experts at your service
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 Advantages : 

A simple, straightforward promise: the only obstacle between you and revenue generation is traffic;
if you have a website that knows how to generate hits, we’ve got the “how” in generating revenues.

No more waiting in order to go live. 15 second sign up. Tags are ready to be published and earn for you the second you create them; easy tracking, no risk or commitment.

Cutting-edge optimization algorithms automatically direct the best performing ads to your traffic to ensure the highest eCPM.

Unlike other automated platforms, we put a face on flexibility; Qadabra has an experienced support team that makes itself available to users. Feel free to get in touch.

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Qadabra Network Details :

Commission Type: Revenue Share
Minimum Payment: Paypal ($1 minimum), Wire ($500 minimum)
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire, Payoneer
Country: US
Telephone: –
Email: [email protected]

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Please share your experience about ad network with us by commenting.

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Qadabra Review : Advertising Network was last modified: August 21st, 2016 by Karan Sharma
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