How Will RankBrain Affect Your SEO Efforts in 2017?

RankBrain & The Future Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process which affects the visibility or priority of a search engine’s results based on specific optimizations on and off particular web pages. Google’s new product RankBrain is a machine learning AI (artificial intelligence) based system that was introduced in late 2015. That was developed with the purpose of creating a system that analyzes and understands the meaning of words in any search entry that helps in giving better search results. it automatically enhances search systems and search engine algorithms which in turn changes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as we know it.


Changes And Innovations

Google has brought many changes and innovations in the past decade or so. But RankBrain is truly groundbreaking. This amazing AI actually learns terms from users’ searches and analyses them forming a user search pattern. The more the user base, the more efficient RankBrain becomes. This is altering the knowledge about search mechanisms and technology. One of the major areas it is affecting due to its machine learning skills is the SEO. RankBrain forms one of the greatest factor in web based searching and data flow. It is the third most important factor in web content searching and ranking.

RankBrain pays a vital role in searching and indexing as it keeps learning and evolving over itself. It studies user search patterns and creates a search profile. Learning from the profiles of similar users, RankBrain is able to give the exact search results the user wants in the future which yields a better overall search process. One more thing RankBrain does includes more efficient integration with personal assistant apps like Siri, Cortana, Alexa or Google Now. As these assistant apps are always trying to find the best results, RankBrain aids in the search process by learning from people’s voice search patterns.

RankBrain’s effect on SEO

how rankbrain will affect seo

As RankBrain is a fast learning algorithm with time it will gradually learn about the search patterns and values. It is also going to learn which the good sites with relevant content are and which the bad ones are. Therefore, content becomes extremely important. A site having the content that users want to see will prevail or might even benefit from it’s search algorithm. But sites with irrelevant or spam content will begin to lose its visibility or ranking under RankBrain. So keeping the content good is recommended.

While RankBrain did not result in websites suddenly going down or vanishing from search results, it will gradually affect the whole system and pages with undesired content will slowly start losing views irrespective of all their SEO efforts. Sticking to a niche can help as otherwise people might lose interest in the site due to any particular lack of service.

Unlike SEO, there is no trick or shortcut to influence RankBrain, so if your website does not have adequate relevant content, no matter of SEO effort is going to work. Therefore, site content and not SEO effort will determine the traffic directed to a website through Google.


So that was all about how will RankBrain Affect Your SEO Efforts. This is a sentient, self-learning algorithm and for the most part, it will help end users in searching as it will help Google in providing better search results. As for websites, having relevant content is important and must be heeded.

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